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10 Outdoor Business Sign Ideas to Enhance Your Brand

The Right Outdoor Sign to Enhance Your Business

Your company’s outdoor sign will be many people’s first exposure to your brand. If you don’t have one yet, or your current sign isn’t up to your standards, you’re missing out on a chance to get valuable brand recognition within your community.

A professional sign maker can help you design and manufacture the sign you need – but first, you’ll have to decide what type of sign you want. We’ve listed some of the most common types of outdoor business signs below to help you figure out which of the many options is right for your business and brand.

10 Great Outdoor Sign Types

3D Signs and Letters

3D signs are a great way to make an impact with your outdoor signage. They look almost like sculptures, clearly defining the shapes of all the letters to catch the viewer’s eye. 3D signs and lettering can be freestanding without support, like the rainbow-coloured Toronto sign in Nathan Phillip’s Square or attached to one of your outer walls. They look very impressive and are hard to ignore, making them excellent marketing tools for your business.

Light-Up or Backlit Signs

Light-up or backlit signs are some of the most common outdoor signage solutions, especially for businesses with limited budgets. They are inexpensive, look great, and best of all, they continue to advertise your business long after the sun has gone down. This is critical for companies that generally get many of their customers at night, such as bars and restaurants. Considering that it often gets dark around 5 PM during wintertime in Toronto, this type of sign is an excellent investment for any business in the GTA.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are a simple variation on backlit signs. Instead of using a single backlit piece, each of the letters in your company name is fabricated individually with a transparent face, and built-in LED lighting. This is an extremely common sign type that offers many of the same advantages as standard backlit signs. The additional 3D effect of the lettering adds some extra visual appeal to the already compelling LED glow.

Canopy Signs

Canopy signs, also called awnings, are fabric signs placed over a metal frame and used to shield a small area from rain or other debris. While these types of signs are usually placed over the entrance to a business, they can also be placed along the sides of your exterior walls.

Because they are often used over the entrances to service businesses like restaurants and hotels, customers associate these signs with hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere. Canopy business signs are also sometimes seen as a marker of class, so they can go a long way in establishing a high-end atmosphere inside your store or office.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are outdoor signs displayed on some sort of freestanding stone, wood, or plastic monument. They are a subtle, sophisticated way of announcing your business’s presence to the world. These types of signs are usually favoured by professional services, such as banks, law offices, finance companies, consulting companies, and more. If your business fits in with these types of enterprises, or if you enjoy their more serious look, monument business signs may be right for you.

Window Decals

Window decals are thin sheets of vinyl that can be applied to the inside or outside of a glass window. Depending on your needs, you can commission a signage business to make you a custom decal that is opaque, frosted, see-through, or perforated.

Because shop windows give you so much room to work with, you can go big and bold with this kind of sign. A single well-designed decal can instantly turn an unremarkable shop window into a visually striking advertising display.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering consists of letters stuck to walls, doors, windows, and other surfaces. Since this type of outdoor sign is text-only, it is usually used for informative purposes. You might display your business name, contact information, hours of operation, and other details you would want onlookers to know. These pieces of information pique the curiosity of people passing by and let them know when and how they can visit you to learn more.

Custom Banners

Custom banners are pieces of vinyl or fabric printed with a promotional message. They are usually double-sided for easy viewing at all angles and can be displayed on buildings, hanging from the roof, on posts driven into your lawn, and more. Their versatility and low cost make them great for advertising current promotions or seasonal sales. They are durable enough to be used every year for recurring events like anniversaries and holidays.

Wall Decals

Wall decals are vinyl applications that are displayed on the side of a building. They are more commonly used inside shops and offices to give interior walls some pizzazz, but a durable decal can be placed outdoors as well. These are similar to the window decals mentioned earlier. If a store has a front window, they will usually choose to decorate that area first. If not, wall decals are a good substitute. Just make sure the wall is smooth before you attempt to place them.

Yard Signs

You may be most familiar with yard signs in the context of real estate signs, but they can be used to advertise other businesses as well. Inexpensive, easy to customize, and highly mobile, these signs are perfect for promoting your business around town.

It’s easy to make a bunch of yard signs and place them in many different locations in the neighbourhood. This tactic gets your business more attention from people who wouldn’t necessarily see your shop’s sign every day. You can create a sense of urgency in the viewer by adding information about a limited-time promotion.

Combination Ideas for Outdoor Business Signs

Your business isn’t limited to just one type of outdoor signage. Combining a few different types of signs can make your message stronger. Here are a few examples of common sign combos we’ve seen our customers use to promote their businesses.

  • Pair a permanent sign above your door with temporary outdoor signage like banners or yard signs.
  • Add a smaller sign below your store’s main sign listing your hours of operation, contact information, or any other relevant details.
  • Place a backlit sign on a post on your business’s lawn to attract attention from the street, then confirm your location with another sign over the door.

Bolster Your Brand Outreach with Our Outdoor Business Signs

Your business’s outdoor sign will be its public face for many years, so it’s essential to get it right. That’s why you’ll want to invest in high-quality custom business signs from The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur. Over our many years as a prominent signage business in the GTA, we have created outdoor signs in all the formats above and more. Contact us today at 905-670-0797 to learn more about our services or request a quote for a specific sign order that is sure to get people talking about your brand.

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