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Lobby Signs

Lobby SignsWhatever your business, having a reception or lobby area that is welcoming and that informs your clients about your business is important. It also ensures your brand is displayed in a professional way giving your business the recognition it deserves. A bare wall in your reception area is simply wasted real estate. Instead, you can use this key wall space to display your logo, brand, company name and more that help attract and retain your customers.

Regardless of the type of company you operate, you can benefit from a professionally made lobby sign. It will help your company stand out and portray the right image for you. Whether you have a law office in Vaughan, Mississauga or Toronto, or a car dealership in Richmond Hill or a hairdressing or beauty salon in Markham there is a lobby sign that is excellent for your business. Like your storefront sign, your lobby sign is an investment and therefore careful consideration of your options is always a good idea.


Here are some of the most common types of lobby signs:

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters3D letters can be made from a variety of material including acrylic and laminated foam. They can be any colour or look you want ensuring your brand is consistent. Your logo can also be created with this same material. The cut letters and logo can then be mounted with studs or double-sided tape, depending on the size and weight of the letters. If you want a more expensive and authentic material, aluminum can be used which looks outstanding. Metal laminate is another option that has a similar look but is more affordable.


Lobby Plaque Sign with Stand Offs

Lobby Plaque Sign with Stand OffsA plaque lobby sign is affordable and has limitless options of how you can customize it. These signs can be made of glass or acrylic. You can add a vinyl sheet or print different fonts and colours of your logo and company name on vinyl and apply it to the plaque. Add aluminum stand offs and you have a great looking professionally made sign! The stand offs ‘lift’ the glass or acrylic off the wall and that looks amazing. You can choose to have frosted vinyl on the back panel to give it different look as well.


Illuminated Lobby Signs

Back lit lobby signs use LED (Light Emitting Diode) to illuminate the signs. These signs are becoming more popular as they attract attention, are unique and memorable. They are more expensive than non-illuminated lobby signs like plaques and dimensional letters. The cost however, is offset by the impressiveness of this sign.

With all the different options to choose from, you want to work with a Sign Maker that is knowledgeable and able to guide you through the process of creating the best lobby sign for you that is within your set budget. The Sign and Graphics Manufaktur is your Toronto area lobby signage expert and we are here to service you. Call us. We would love to hear from you at 905-670-0797.


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