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Point of Purchase Signs – POP Display Sign

POP Display – The Right Way to Attract Customers

A point-of-purchase or POP display is specifically placed right beside products to attract the customer’s attention. Recall those 50% off signs when you went shopping. Yes, those are known as point of purchase signs.

If you own a retail business, then getting point of purchase displays for items that are on clearance sale or need to be sold out quickly is a great idea. The POP signs are usually kept near the checkout point or right beside the products. In case you are wondering, why you haven’t thought of this before, well, guess what? It remains one of the most underutilized tools in the retail space.

POP displays are effective because in retail spaces crammed with similar kinds of products, they are the only way to grab attention to a specific brand or merchandise.

So, what kind of POP signs can you be looking at? POP displays can be small, placed just on a specific shelf in the form of a small card or sticker or, they can also be large full display cut-outs with the vendor’s branding on it for attracting the maximum amount of attention.

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