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Flag graphics and teardrops are useful if you are looking to create signage that will attract attention from both near and far. Mounted on poles, flag signs can be printed on both sides which is a great way to make your business visible to the maximum number of people passing by. It is also a durable and cost-effective outdoor sign.

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Your company has an important message to get across, and flag signs are the perfect tool to help you do it. These flexible fabric signs can spread the word wherever you need a little more buzz for your business. Whether they’re displayed hanging or on the ground, flag signs are a versatile, long-lasting option for your advertising needs. Whether you want gorgeous full-colour photorealistic imagery or a bold modern look, we design and print the flag signs you need to stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of Flag Banners and Signs

Why use flag banners to promote your business?

  • They Are Extremely Versatile. Flag banners are low-cost and extremely easy to set up, making them useful for almost any application. They can also be used indoors or outside, allowing you to use the same signs for multiple purposes if you wish.
  • They Highlight Vertical Space. Flag banners look great in buildings with tall ceilings, such as malls, warehouses, and atriums. Hanging up in the air, they can direct visitors around the area or promote products or offers without taking up valuable floor space.
  • They Make It Easy to Thank Your Sponsors. Lightweight and portable, flag signs can easily be put up at festivals, sports games, conferences, trade shows, and other sponsored events to thank the companies whose support made the event possible.
  • They Provide Extra Visibility for Outdoor Businesses. Lawn signs are classic advertising options for outdoor businesses like food trucks, car dealerships, and garden centres, but they don’t always do a great job of catching people’s attention. Adding a flag banner to your outdoor signage can help your event or business be noticed.

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Popular Types of Flag Signs and Banners Available

  • Rectangular Business Signs. These basic business flag signs keep things as simple as possible. They’re great for indoor or outdoor use and can be made in many sizes to suit your goals.
  • Feather Flag Signs. Feather flag signs alter the basic rectangle design with an elegant, curved edge at the top. This is the most popular type of business sign and can be made from a variety of different materials depending on your needs.
  • Drop Flag Signs. These teardrop-shaped signs are also more distinctive than standard rectangular signs. Their wide top section gives you more room to print a custom message, making them an excellent choice for text-heavy banners.
  • Sail Flag Banners. These wave-shaped banners offer even more variety for businesses looking to make a big impression. They draw the viewer’s eye when they ripple in the wind, pulling more attention toward your message.

Why We’re the Right Sign Shop for the Job

Trying out this type of advertising for yourself is easier than you think. You can get quality flags, banners, and signs with help from our staff at The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur. We offer the following advantages for all our valued customers:

  • One-Stop Shopping for All Types of Signage. Our flag signs are great, but they’re just one of our many products. We design and produce signs for all your business needs, including A-frame signs, backlit signs, window decals, and more.
  • Expert Colour Management. Getting the colours on a flag sign just right can significantly enhance that sign’s marketing potential. We use CMYK colour printing to ensure that the options you include in your sign design translate perfectly to your finished flag banners.
  • The Best Prices. Prices matter, so we keep ours affordable. Our goal is to become a trusted provider for all your signage needs.
  • Thorough Consultation. We know how important it is to get your flag signs just right. We combine your requirements and vision with our expertise to create signage that highlights the best parts of your unique brand.

Get Attractive Flags Signs with Us

The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur located in Toronto can help you create eye catching flags for your business from scratch. Get in touch with us to know what fonts, colors, and material can be used to get your flag sign out in the community for people to take notice. Call us to book a free consultation today.


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