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Things to Consider About Outdoor Signs

A Complete Guide to Outdoor Signs

Signs are fairly simple, that’s one of their best attributes. Need to advertise, promote, or announce something? Put up a sign. It seems straightforward. But that doesn’t meant that’s all there is to signs. Apart from thinking about what you want to put on your sign, you need to consider where you’re going to put a sign to maximize its effect and what type of sign works best for your needs. And if you’re going to put a sign outside, there a few things you should think about first. Here are four things to consider about outdoor signs.

  • Durability

Speaking of durability, it’s of the utmost importance for permanent outdoor signs. Toronto experiences four distinct seasons. As such, you need an outdoor sign that can stand up to the cold winter winds, spring rains, blazing summer heat, and, well, the mostly pleasant fall season. If you’re looking for a monument sign, a building sign, or any other sign that will be outdoors 24-7, you need to make sure it’s well-made otherwise you’ll have to replace it more often than is financially viable. The same is true for portable signs, like real estate signs, that you might move around but are still outdoors pretty much all the time.

  • Mobility

Speaking of signs that you move around, you want to make sure that such signs are readily portable. There’s no use having a sign that gets easily damaged when you move it. And there are mobile signs of a different sort: vehicle graphics. Whether it’s a wrap or decal, vehicle graphics have to withstand the elements like any other outdoor sign. They also need to be able to communicate your key messages and information in a small space. This is where you need a great graphic designer to create the artwork that will illustrate your brand best.

  • Legibility

Most outdoor signs will need to be seen from farther away than the standard indoor sign. Because of this, you need to carefully figure out the font size you need on your outdoor sign, as well as any text to graphic ratio. You want your outdoor sign to be vibrant and eye-catching to grab people’s attention, but that can’t come at the cost of legibility. Your outdoor sign must be readable from a considerable distance. This is especially true for safety signs.

What Does Outdoor Signage Do?

Outdoor business signs do so much more than mark your company’s location. A good sign:

  • Captures Attention

Exterior signage is an excellent way to get noticed by busy commuters going about their day. Depending on what works best in your surroundings, signs can be hung slightly higher than eye level, on the side of your building, or high above the other signs and structures in the area.

  • Piques Interest

Catching a person’s eye is one thing, but holding their attention is not always so simple. A good outdoor sign uses a combination of text and visual elements that gives it a unique look and reflects the most important aspects of your business. People passing by will be intrigued by what your sign suggests and wonder what they might find inside your building.

  • Claims the Space

Businesses with a physical location must make their mark in the area if they are to succeed. An outdoor sign establishes your company’s presence in your neighbourhood and invites the people in the area to take notice. The right sign can transform your business from just another part of the landscape to a local landmark that everyone in the area uses as a point of reference.

  • Advertises Your Business

The chances are high that you are not the only business in your industry in the Greater Toronto Area. You need to show passers-by why they should buy from you and not from your competition, and your outdoor sign can play a big part in doing that. Exterior signage can be used to highlight what makes your business different. Consider, for instance, adding a slogan beneath your logo or drawing attention to the fact that you are a longstanding family business.

Why Is Advertising Through Outdoor Signs Effective?

Advertising through outdoor signage works on a number of levels.

  • It Sets Your Business Apart. There may be multiple other commercial establishments in your general vicinity or even in the same building as you, but you are the only one displaying your unique outdoor sign.
  • It Acts as a Silent Salesperson. Aside from their inherent branding value, outdoor business signs can also be used to convey important business information, such as your hours of operation and any sales or promotions you might be running at this time.
  • It Creates a Persona for Your Business. You know your company is unlike any other in your industry, but does everyone else know that too? A good sign gives your business a personal touch that a basic nondescript building will never have.
  • It Conveys Your Brand Promise. A sturdy, professionally designed, and well-maintained sign says volumes about your business. Potential customers will know that they can expect top-class products or services and excellent attention to detail when they shop with you.
  • It Is an Affordable Marketing Solution. Unlike other forms of marketing where costs are ongoing and can add up considerably over time, outdoor signage is a one-time investment. For one single up-front cost, it will work to draw in new business for your company for as long as you need it to.

Get Affordable, High-Quality Outdoor Signs for Toronto Businesses

Now is the time to get the outdoor sign you have always wanted for your company. From banners and lawn signs to permanent storefront headers, The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur creates both digital and physical signs for all of your business needs.

Call us at 905-670-0797 or contact us online to learn more or to order an outdoor sign for your business, organization, or event.

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