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What to Look for in a Sign Company in Toronto

What to Look for in a Sign Company in Toronto

Signs are one of those things in life that are so ubiquitous that we don’t even think about them. Sure, we think about the content on the signs. We think about the “STOP” on the stop sign, we think about product being advertised on the billboard, and we think about the new TV show or movie being promoted on the big screens at Yonge & Dundas Square. What about the signs themselves? We don’t think about them, until, that is, we need one ourselves.

Signs and Advertising

Signs are crucial to advertising. When we think of advertising signage, we often think of billboards, and this makes sense. Billboards are typically the largest signs we see and they’re a big part of advertising.  However, it doesn’t make sense and is not appropriate for every business to advertise via billboards, and that’s fine. There is an abundance of other kinds of signs that can be used to advertise and promote a business. There are banners, car decals, wall murals, floor graphics, and stand-up three-dimensional signs, to name just a few.

There are so many different types of signs and so many different ways that they can be used that there is at least one type of sign out there that can help your Toronto business. But how can you figure out which type of sign is best for your business? Even if you know exactly the type of sign that you want, where can you get it? How do you find a good sign company in Toronto?

Sign Companies in Toronto

There are several sign companies in Toronto who might be able to provide what you want, so the question becomes: how do you choose between them? There are two main aspects or offerings of sign companies that you should consider: products and services.

Variety of Products

You want as big a selection of products as possible. Even if you know what you want right now and it’s only one particular sign, you never know what needs you might have in the future. It’s best to work with a sign company who offers a wide variety of products so you’ll know they can create not only your current sign, you can work with them in the future for different signage as well. The variety of products offered should include: backlit signs, safety signs, point of purchase signs, digitally printed graphics, dynamic digital signs, banners,window graphics, decals, flags, floor graphics and car wraps to name a few.

Variety of Services

You want as many services available to you as possible, as well. You don’t want somebody to just make a sign and then you have to do the rest. You want the sign company to consult with you to provide you options on your signage needs and help make your vision come to life. You want a sign company who will manage your project effectively andhave the expertise to complete the project from consultation to design as well as installation. It is important that your sign company can also do the installation as you don’t want to have to spend your time installing the signs. 

The Sign and Graphics Manufaktur Inc.

The Sign and Graphics Manufaktur Inc. is a Toronto-based sign company that offers all of the products mentioned above and more.  As well, we conduct needs assessments and provide consultations, design and production, project management and installation. To learn more about how we can deliver on your next sign, please contact us today.


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