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Window Graphics – Window Signs Design For Your Business

Window graphics are often used to improve the aesthetics of a business. But they can also be used to display useful information about your business such as operating hours, contact information, and services offered. They can also be a good way to promote offers, or special discounts for passersby. If you’re looking to enhance the exterior of your business, provide additional information about operations (e.g., opening hours, contact information), or to advertise a sale or promotion, you may be interested in learning more about how you can implement window graphics in your business.

Businesses across Toronto use window signs for aggressive advertising. At The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur, our designers can help you with layout, color scheme, and fonts so that your window graphics can put your best foot forward.

Window Signs for All Businesses

We deliver unique window graphics, full displays and lettering that are cohesive with your brand, aligned with your business objectives, and increase your business visibility. Our available window signs and graphics include:

  • Full-colour banners
  • Posters and clings
  • Cut vinyl graphics and lettering
  • Etched/frosted privacy window film
  • Entire window wraps
  • And many more

Some of our most popular window graphics include:

  • Vinyl window graphics
  • See-through window graphics
  • Perforated window graphics

Retail Window Graphics

Retail stores invest a lot of time and effort into promotional window graphics and displays. You may often be looking to increase sales on a high-margin product or have a special event, promotion, or sale. In that case, custom window graphics are an excellent way to bring interested prospects into the business. Typically, window advertising graphics are changed regularly to highlight the newest merchandise, sale, or event. The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is delighted to offer eye-catching window graphics that help you manage your promotional projects.

Window Signs for Service Providers

An attractive custom window display can help enhance brand and business visibility and entice more prospective customers to visit your location. With custom banners, graphics, murals, lettering, and posters, your windows could be a key marketing tool for your business. They can help you display distinctive products and deals while also communicating messages with your customers. In addition to fabricating these attractive window graphics and displays, we also help you install them in your location.

Privacy Window Vinyl for Offices

Many office buildings use long-lasting vinyl window graphics on their exterior windows for branding, privacy, and promotional purposes. Our privacy window film is expertly crafted to give the same level of professionalism as a frosted or etched glass panel but at a significantly lower cost. We can also include your company name, logo, or other business information to improve your corporate presence.

Benefits of Custom Window Graphics

Enhance Your Business Windows

With the right design, your windows can draw attention. Our design experts ensure that your window graphics don’t sacrifice form for function either. We help you showcase your business information, services, and key message in a professional, unforgettable manner.

Increase Brand Awareness

Window graphics can help you with every layer of brand awareness, including creating associations with your brand. They also greatly complement all other marketing and advertising strategies.

Promote Sales and Specials

When it comes to promoting sales and promotions, only a few ways are as effective as window signage and displays. With the wide range of options and customizations available, there is no better way to maximize product and service exposure while also standing out over your competitors.

Elevate the Ambience of Your Space

Window graphics bring life and personality to plain glass. From the inside, they add a sense of refinement and privacy, while on the outside, they amplify your brand messaging.

Make a Cost-Effective Marketing Choice

When done correctly, window graphics help inspire customer behaviours and actions. They provide a cost-effective way to market products and services while also encouraging customers to follow you on social media platforms, visit your website or subscribe to your newsletter.

Create Flexible Advertising Opportunities

Window graphics are highly adaptable and exchangeable, which shows that a business is vibrant and thriving while also creating a sense of urgency. This adaptability also creates excitement and anticipation among customers.

Use All Available Space

While blank windows serve a unique purpose, this is not enough for an out of the box thinker. Given today’s advanced printing technologies, you can make use of your windows with perforated films so you can still see through them.

Get Attractive Window Graphics with Us

Our team will also help you with creating window signs that are contextual to your establishment. Give us call to schedule a free consultation and we’ll be happy to guide you through our services to get the best results for your business needs.


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