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Wall Graphics, Wall Murals and 3D Wallpapers Design & Printing

Wall Graphics, Wall Murals and 3D Wallpapers Design & Printing

Wall murals and graphics can improve the aesthetics of your business premises considerably. A wall mural is usually used to depict a linear scene providing floor to ceiling coverage. If you are using it for your building’s exterior, it can make you stand out from surrounding structures and give you a distinct identity.

Wall graphics on the other hand are mostly used for guidance. It’s a very contemporary way to help people make their way through large conferences and events. However, they can also be used as trendy images to make your interior look good. They can be used as effectively as wall murals to add aesthetics to your business.

Suppose you want to create an under-sea scene or a forest landscape: both murals and graphics can be used. While, murals and wallpapers cover the entire wall, graphics are single pieces that do not usually cover entire walls. Murals can also be used to create a 3D effect by virtue of its texture which might not be the case for graphics. If you are looking for 3D wallpaper, what you choose depends on what kind of effect you are looking to create within your business premises.

Wall Murals in Canada

How do you want your space to look and feel? Do you have any special interests you would like to draw inspiration from? We can print custom wall murals to suit you. Many popular options include florals, cities, nature, maps, vehicles, animals, typography, and patterns. Our murals can be designed to suit all types of spaces and sizes.

Best Wall Mural Shop

Are you thinking of changing the look and feel of your business or home by adding your own character and style? Our custom wall murals in Toronto are the perfect solution. We offer wall mural printing services to meet your unique needs and stylistic preferences. We have the expertise, resources, and industry experience to help you find the perfect wall murals based on your needs and specifications.

Popular Locations for Wall Murals

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Nursery
  • Office space
  • Commercial space

Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Murals

How Are Wall Murals Different from Traditional Wallpapers?

You can think of wall murals as the more modern and customizable alternatives to wallpapers. Wall mural printing is done on 52” panels, making it easier to find a perfect fit for your space and providing a larger area for imagery without needing to match patterns and edges as often.

Can I Customize My Mural?

You can create a mural that is completely customized to your liking. You can select the colours, add your name, and choose other design elements. You also can decide to include business information such as your company logo, marketing message, and much more. Our designers can help you integrate your ideas into your wall mural design.

Do You Provide Installation Services for The Murals?

Yes. Our staff has the experience and expertise to install all our products, including wall murals. If your project requires specialized equipment, we can partner with our preferred contractors to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

What Surfaces Would You Recommend for Your Wall Murals?

Our murals can stick to a variety of surfaces without damaging what’s underneath, including drywall, finished wood, glass, cement, and others. We typically use quality 3M vinyl, and for the best results, the surface needs to be flat, smooth, and clean. If the surface you plan to install the mural on is textured or otherwise abnormal, we have an adhesion test kit from 3M that will help us select the right material for the job so it won’t peel off.

How Long Will My Wall Mural Stay Up?

It depends on the surface. On an ideal surface, the wall mural can last many years when placed in an average environment. Cleaning the wall before installation will ensure that the mural lasts longer.

What If I Am Having Trouble Figuring Out What I Want?

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. We are here to help you achieve the look and feel you wish for and will use every resource at our disposal to ensure you get a truly unique and appealing wall mural for your space.

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Located in Toronto, Canada, The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur can help you choose the right mural and wall graphics to make your business look good and professional in front of clients and other stakeholders. Want to get a better idea about murals and graphics, give us a call to book a free consultation.


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