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Wall Graphics, Wall Murals and 3D Wallpapers Design & Printing

Wall Murals

Wall murals and graphics can improve the aesthetics of your business premises considerably. A wall mural is usually used to depict a linear scene providing floor to ceiling coverage. If you are using it for your building’s exterior, it can make you stand out from surrounding structures and give you a distinct identity.

Wall graphics on the other hand are mostly used for guidance. It’s a very contemporary way to help people make their way through large conferences and events. However, they can also be used as trendy images to make your interior look good. They can be used as effectively as wall murals to add aesthetics to your business.

Suppose you want to create an under-sea scene or a forest landscape: both murals and graphics can be used. While, murals and wallpapers cover the entire wall, graphics are single pieces that do not usually cover entire walls. Murals can also be used to create a 3D effect by virtue of its texture which might not be the case for graphics. If you are looking for 3D wallpaper, what you choose depends on what kind of effect you are looking to create within your business premises.

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