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Storefront Signs

Storefront Signs There are many different types of outdoor storefront signs, from LED signs to channel letter signs and projection signs and awnings. They all provide different advantages for your business.

Types of Storefront Signs & Their Benefits

LED digital signs are eye catching, vibrant and easily attract the attention of passersby. Also, unlike other types of signage, an LED digital display can rotate several messages on a carousel. An LED digital display is an investment with many advantages.

Another type of outdoor sign that can stand out and that is commonly used for storefront signage in the GTA are channel letter signs. These are custom-made three-dimensional letters that are often internally illuminated. An illuminated channel letter sign makes your business stand out and easily visible among all the other signs around. Channel letter signs can also be used indoors for storefronts in shopping malls to ensure visibility. If you want, you can also have non illuminated channel letter signs.

Projection signs can be big or small, a simple rectangular shape or circular display and are internally illuminated. Projection signs are popular on busy downtown Toronto storefronts including boutiques, fast food restaurants and beauty salons.

Store Signage in TorontoIf you are on a limited budget there are other options for outdoor storefront signs such as a backlit light box, which can also look professional and meet your business needs. Backlit light boxes are actually very popular as outdoor storefront signs. In a backlit light box sign, there are typically LED bulbs on the back panel, lighting up the graphic as can be seen in this picture of a backlit light box sign.

storefront signs near meIf it is not important for your storefront sign to be seen at night and you want to have a more economical option, you can also have a non lit sign made out of alupanel or acrylic.

Get Custom Store Signage in Toronto with Us

Whatever your business need is for a storefront sign, the Sign and Graphics Manufaktur can help you with your Toronto business signs! Just give us a call. We will complete a site survey, take measurements, look at your needs and explain all the options available to you. We can even do the permit application for you.

Whether you are a new business, an existing business updating your signage, or a business that is rebranding and needing new signs, we will manage your project from beginning to end.


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