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Why Is Outdoor Signage So Important?

The most important part of your advertising strategy is your outdoor signage. This is the first opportunity that the public has to see your business and your chance to make a great first impression. This is especially true in big cities like Toronto, where your business is competing for customers with many others. Be sure to create great signage that will help your company get noticed and express your brand identity.

How A Sign Benefits Your Business

  • Signs Speak to Your Customers Before You Can – A sign provides an initial impression of your business before you even get to meet potential customers. It can draw them in and also drive them away. Be sure your sign projects the message you want.
  • Establish Brand Recognition – A well-designed sign will help your business get recognized. More recognition means your customer base will increase, and you will become more successful.
  • An Affordable Way to Advertise – Signs are a very affordable way to advertise when compared to digital or television spots and work quite well for a variety of different businesses.
  • Indoor Signs Enhance a Customer’s Experience – While your outdoor signs are important, consider also using signs indoors. They can be useful to direct customers or clients to products or services and improve their experience in your business.

Keep These Things in Mind When Designing and Placing Your Sign

  • Where You Will Put It – The location of your sign is essential. Your storefront sign will clearly be on your storefront, but what about other mobile signs? Be sure to put them relatively close to where your business is located, as people will begin to associate the area they see the sign with your company. Many people tend to shop close to where they live, so signage can help draw them in. It is also important to have signs on your property itself to direct people to your location. Keep in mind when placing your sign where it will be most effective. A sign on a building that can be easily passed by may not be as effective as one placed at an intersection where cars will stop, and people will read it.
  • Size Is Important – The size of your sign makes a difference. This isn’t just the physical sign itself, but also the size of the message. You need to find the right balance between both, as this can affect why your sign works or why it doesn’t.

Create Useful and Effective Outdoor Signage to Grow Your Business

At The Sign and Graphics Manufaktur, we work with a variety of clients to help them improve their business using outdoor signage. We are proud to work with clients of all sizes and love watching their companies grow with our signs. Be sure that your company gets noticed and enjoy the benefits of outdoor signage by contacting us today. You can reach us by phone at 905-670-0797, or request a quote for your project.



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