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Easy Tips for Outdoor Banner Design

Outdoor banners are among the most effective marketing tools available today. However, to achieve the maximum impact, they need to be designed properly. It is important to make sure that your banner offers simplicity, contrast, and excellent message delivery, as you only have around two seconds to capture your audience’s attention.

Details such as font size, wording, colour choice, and more can impact the effectiveness of your banner. Small text can blend into the background, while large amounts of text are unlikely to be read. If your colours don’t stand out, the banner may be easily missed, and if they are too similar, your message could be hard to read by those further away. A poor design could cause you to miss your chance to reach your target if you aren’t careful.

9 Tips to Design Great Outdoor Banners

To ensure your banner design will be effective, be sure to follow these tips from our signage experts.

1. Pick A Font Size That Is Big Enough

The whole purpose of putting up a banner is to deliver the message to your target audience. As such, visibility is key. A banner targeting motorists should have a much bigger font than one set to reach a walking audience. Additionally, it is important to visualize the size and scale of your outdoor banner and how far away your audience will be. We often advise our clients to apply the general rule of thumb, which states 10 to 100 – 10 inches of letter height for every 100 feet of distance from your banner.

2. Choose Your Words Wisely

When it comes to outdoor banners, simplicity is key. This is because you have only a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention, communicate your message, and hopefully win them over. Therefore, your text needs to be brief and clear. A standard rule is to follow 3 by 5. This means every three lines should have no more than five words, while every five lines should have no more than three words. If you follow this guide, your message should be 15 words or less.

3. Maximize Impact with Contrasting Colours

Go for colours that are captivating and vibrant but easy on the eyes. This will make your banner stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of your audience within seconds. Some great designs use white on blue, black on white, or bright colours on black backgrounds.

4. Think About the Banner’s New Backdrop

Where you place your banner means that the background could be anything, including brick walls, fencing, greenery, cement, and more. A thick border in white or black would be ideal for a banner with a busy background to make it stand out.

5. Consider Using Both Sides for Double Exposure

If your audience can see both sides of your banner, it is important to consider creating a design for both sides. This will capitalize on the double exposure from traffic moving in both directions.

6. Measure Mounting Location Size

Installing a banner that is not proportional to the space it is placed can look strange. People like order and visual symmetry, meaning having a properly sized banner will be more pleasing to the eye. Ensure you take accurate measurements of the area you intend to put your banner and bring them to your sign company so they can provide custom banner printing services to meet your requirements.

7. Size Up the Competition

Do your research. Visit the area your banner will go and look at your competitor’s banners. Take note of the dominant colours and the sizes they are using. From here, identify the best way to make your banner design stand out. This could include making your banner bigger or selecting a more eye-catching colour scheme. By determining the gap in design and creating something to fill it, your business can stand out.

8. Utilize Wind Slits for Outdoor Banners

If you intend to use your custom vinyl banner outdoors, it is important to choose a design and materials that can withstand the elements. A weave or mesh banner will allow wind to pass through and avoid hanging issues that might cause damage. Mesh vinyl banners are also a great option if you have a large sign.

9. Options for Hanging Your Banner

To hang your banner, you can use sew-in ropes, pole pockets, and reinforced grommets around the edge. These flexible options for hanging or mounting your banner allow you to use it in different setups and locations.

We Provide Fast and Affordable Banner Printing and Design in Toronto

If you need banner design or printing services, our team can help you meet your unique outdoor banner needs. The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur offers quick and affordable custom banner printing in Toronto, along with expert guidance and professional advice. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and get tips from our experts to create an effective banner design for your business.

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