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The Basics of Custom Post and Panel Signs

Overview of Custom Post and Panel Sign

Your exterior sign is an important business investment and it helps get your business noticed. There are many different types of exterior signage from storefront signs to monument signs, but there is one type of sign that used extensively that can work very well for many businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. This is a post and panel sign.

Post and panel signs

Post and panel signs are named after their two main components: their posts and their panels. The post in question is the vertical pole or beam that houses the panel. The panel is the sign itself. Post and panel signs are typically used outdoors. The posts can be tall or short depending on the location, the business and surrounding, and the panels are usually double-sided so that people can see the sign from multiple directions. The panel can also have a different graphics on each side.

Creating post and panel signs

Post and panel signs can be very effective, but a lot depends on the size of your panel. The panel should be large enough to be seen and properly display your business name and other details. A good-sized post and panel sign will look impressive, while a sign that is too small will result in the words being too small and not readable from the street. However, you need to balance that with the space you have as well. A huge sign on a small swath of land will look out of place and the posts should be big enough to support the panel as well.

The panels in a post and panel sign can be made with different materials such as aluminum, foam core, medium density overlay or even PVC. Depending on your need and budget, an experienced sign maker in the GTA can guide you in selecting the right material for your post and panel sign.

The panels can also use a variety of colours, fonts, and graphics, depending on what you want. As with any sign, you want to ensure the text on the panels are big and bold enough for people to read at a distance. Any business or organization can use post and panel signs, but some common places to see post and panel signs include:

  • University and College Campuses
  • Hospitals
  • Business parks
  • Shopping plazas

While most post and panel signs are used as permanent signage to identify places like parking lots, emergency wards and loading docks, you can also design a post and panel sign to have the added advantage of being changeable by swapping out the panel, allowing you to change and convey a different message. This makes post and panel signs also appropriate for seasonal messages, annual events, and recurring sales.

Tips to Improve Panel and Post Signs

Ready to take your post and panel signs to the next level? Here are some easy things you can do to make your outdoor business signs even more effective.

1. Update Your Marketing and Branding

Your company’s marketing and branding are key factors that influence how the public sees you, but they aren’t static. Rebranding is a common tactic to give your business a newer, fresher image that will appeal to more prospective customers. You may also need to retool your branding if your company has recently been involved in an acquisition or merger. These situations might cause you to change your logo, brand colours and fonts, or even your company name.

If you need to update your post and panel signs for business use to match your new marketing direction, we can help you do it. Our top-of-the-line colour-matching technology will ensure that your brand’s colour scheme makes a perfect transition from your screen to your sign.

2. Advertise Your New Goods and Services

As your business grows, the set of products and services you offer will change. Your outdoor business signs should reflect this. You might be a landscaper with a new garden stone to promote or a doggy daycare service that now offers pet grooming as well – but how will your customers know if your signs don’t tell them?

Consider updating your street signs and custom storefront signs to include these new aspects of your business. Our shop can make you some new high-quality signage that reflects this addition and gets the word out about your latest big venture.

3. Use Them to Support Wayfinding

Many post signs are used to improve navigation around institutions and businesses, but what happens when your layout changes? It’s important to make sure the signs that point your visitors to important locations like your parking lot, entrances, and employee-only areas are all still up to date.

Our yard signs are great tools for directing the flow of traffic around your grounds. With our help, you can keep your customers and other visitors on the right track during their time with you, improving their experience and keeping them out of places you don’t want them to be.

4. Repair Any Weather Damage

Because post signs are used exclusively outdoors, they often get damaged when the weather gets harsh. Whether your outdoor business signs are dirty, missing pieces, or have become impossible to read, you’ll want to fix them as quickly as possible to maintain your company’s professional image.

When bad weather takes your signs out of commission, you can always contact us to resolve the problem. We can repair the damage, reinforce the sign for better structural integrity, or even make you a whole new sign.

5. Upgrade Your Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs are one of the most common and effective applications of post signage, so it’s worth putting a little extra investment into them to make them shine.

Adding PVC posts, custom paint jobs, or a unique shape can make your real estate signs look a little more upscale without piling on too many added expenses. The new look is sure to impress your prospective customers!

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The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is happy to answer any questions you may have about custom post and panel signs. We can either design a post and panel sign for your Toronto-area business or organization, or we can custom manufacture a post and panel sign that is of your design. To request a quote or a free consultation to find out more information about custom post and panel signs, please contact us through our website or by calling us at 905-670-0797.

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