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How Signs Can Help You Grow Your Business

How Signs Can Help You Grow Your Business

You would be surprised by how much recall value business signs have for the average consumer. Ask any prospective customer about how they got to know about you, and you are likely to hear, ‘I saw your sign while I was passing around here.

Signs can help your business grow, but this strategy can backfire if you don’t use them the right way. Here’s how you can get the most out of your signs and play to your company’s strengths.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Business Signs

Draw Attention

Toronto has one of the strongest manufacturing and retail bases in Canada, and new businesses face some stiff competition when trying to get established. With the right design elements, your sign can grab consumers’ attention and help you stand out from the other businesses around you. Some things to think about include:

  • What kind of customers you are targeting
  • Which materials you will use
  • Which font you will use
  • Which images and colour scheme you’ll use
  • What contact information you will include (phone number, email address, website, etc.)

Spread Awareness

What does your sign say to the person looking at it as they pass by? Make sure your sign is sending out the right message to your target customer base. It can often be challenging to precisely determine what you want your sign to convey about your business. Speaking with a professional can help ensure your signage is sending the right message.

Hone Your Branding

Customers often think in terms of logos when talking about a brand, so it’s important that you use your business sign to create a distinct brand identity. Most businesses have either an image or a tagline that their potential customers can immediately relate to. If you are a new company, installing a sign that showcases your logo can work wonders for your business. If you are already established, displaying your logo can reinforce your branding and help you grow.

Get More Exposure

Signs have one significant advantage that no other form of advertising has: movement. Unconventional signs such as vehicle and boat wraps can serve as moving advertisements for your business. These signs help you get maximum exposure and let people get in touch with you easily if you have your contact number and website details visible.

Use Custom Business Signs

People tend to notice signs in high-traffic areas, and custom signs are a good way to make sure people know when you are giving out special offers and promotional discounts. You can also advertise your website, social media handle, or just your address and phone number.

Create an Impact

A good sign is one that not only catches people’s attention but also stays with them and makes an impact. If someone has seen it but doesn’t need that product or service, they should still connect with it enough to refer others to that business. In short, a business sign should have the power to persuade.

Types of Business Signs and Their Importance 

Storefront Signs

Storefront signs are inarguably the most important type of commercial signage available. A good storefront sign draws people in off the street and invites them to shop with you. It makes a strong impression on everyone who sees it, leaving your brand lingering in their minds long after your sign is out of sight.

Keep in mind that your storefront sign should not only look great but also communicate who you are and what you do. For instance, a sign for a cannabis store should indicate with either words or images that cannabis is the main product being sold at that location. This ensures that any passers-by who are in the market for a product or service you offer understand that your business is a potential shopping destination.


Banners are a great way to add extra signage at your location beyond just your storefront sign. These thin plastic strips can be hung on the sides of your building, in your parking lot, across a road, over a door, or even inside your building.

Because banners are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, many companies regularly switch them out for new ones. This helps to keep the look of the business fresh and draw new interest from people. You can use temporary banners to highlight limited-time information like sales, company events, holiday celebrations, and more.

Interior Signage

Business signs can also be used inside your store or office locations. There are two main types of interior business signs:

  • Lobby Signs. A distinctive lobby sign makes a great first impression with new visitors to your business. These signs are especially useful for shops and offices located inside a larger complex, as it is often not possible to use much outdoor signage in that type of environment. A typical lobby sign includes your company name and logo. If you have the space, it may also include a quote or slogan. Professional sign installation is very important for lobby signs, so be sure to consult an established sign company if you’re interested in adding one to your premises.
  • Wayfinding Signs. These simple signs indicate important locations and amenities inside your building, such as the bathroom and customer service counter. They help visitors orient themselves in your space, helping them feel more at ease while at your location. Wayfinding signs are usually used for basic signposting, but you can also use these signs as subtle marketing opportunities. Try pointing out enticing areas like the clearance section, new arrivals table, or feature products shelf.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are an unconventional type of business sign that you can take on the go. A professional sign company can design, print, and apply these thin sticker-like pieces of vinyl to your vehicle. Once placed on a car, vehicle graphics often last for years and can help prevent minor vehicle damage such as scratches and exterior rust.

You can use vehicle graphics to advertise your business around town and secure exposure in new markets without additional investment. Your graphics don’t have to be flashy to be effective. Something as simple as adding your business name and contact information to the sides of your company vans can give your business a big boost in brand recognition. However, vehicle graphics are also great for high-impact designs. If you want to, you can cover the whole car in bright branded designs!

Make a Great First Impression with Our Custom Business Signs 

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