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Real Estate Signage: Creating Signs That Sell

Real estate signs are your business ambassadors and not just advertisement tools. As a matter of fact, real estate signs tell people more about you and your business than they do about the properties you are advertising. Be it in commercial or residential real estate, your signs speak for your brand when you are not there. Therefore, if you are looking to gain the maximum value from your real estate signs, you have to take charge of the message they communicate.

Considerations for Real Estate Sign Design

As you develop your real estate signage strategy, the first decision you need to make is with regard to the kind of style you will use. You have many options to choose from, including the most common option, which is the traditional colonial post style. Other real estate sign styles to consider include:

  • Colonial Post – In this type, the sign suspends from a strong, wooden, inverted L frame. These are best suited for indicating residential homes for sale.
  • H-Frame Stake – The H-shaped wireframe is lightweight and has stakes (frame legs) that poke into the ground, making it easy to install and remove. It is best suited for temporary signage.
  • Frame – In this sign style, the sign is enclosed by metal frames that are very strong. They are available in Standard, with only one sign, and Single or Double Rider that includes one or two extra riders or smaller signs. They are ideal for use as For Sale signs on lawns.
  • A-Frame – These sandwich board style signs are portable and ideal for drawing attention to an open house or other events.
  • Vinyl Window Cling – As the name suggests, this is a non-adhesive film that clings to the window glass. They are ideal for commercial properties with large plate-glass windows.
  • Feather Flag – In this type of sign, a narrow fabric flag is attached to a flexible frame. The fabric flag is loose on one side, which allows it to flap in the breeze and draw attention. The message is then printed on the fabric flag.

Signage Design Essentials

When designing a real estate sign, the same guidelines will apply regardless of the type of sign you need. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Design Consideration #1: Branding

Real estate signs are a form of advertising and an effective way to create brand awareness. Be sure to keep these things in mind when designing:

  • Use Your Logo on Your Real Estate Signs – Your logo is the most valuable visual branding tool. Therefore, make sure that it is prominently featured on your signs to create brand awareness.
  • Use Your Brand Colours – Using your brand colours creates a consistent visual presence that helps potential clients to become familiar with and easily recognize your business in the future. Even though they might not purchase from you immediately, your consistency will help them remember your business when ready to purchase.

Design Consideration #2: Readability

If a sign does not communicate its intended message clearly, it is useless. Therefore, while brand awareness and aesthetics are important, readability should always take the first priority. For this reason, ease of readability is our number one consideration in all real estate signs. These tips will help your design stay legible:

  • Choose Fonts That Are Easy to Read – Your choice of font will determine whether or not the sign is easy to read. All information on the sign must be easy to read from a distance and even from a moving car. For a non-logo text, serif and sans serif will do. If you intend to pair the text with a logo, we recommend the following fonts.
    • Garamond
    • Helvetica
    • Futura
    • Verdana
    • Trajan
  • Embrace White Space – The empty space that remains on a sign is just as important as the text. Leave enough space to create a sense of ease and breathability. Leaving this white space will allow potential customers to associate your business with confidence and peace of mind.
  • Make Smart Colour Choices – Your colour choices could make the difference between a legible sign or one that onlookers have to strain to read. Therefore, pair your brand colours with contrasting and complementary colours that make your sign stand out from the rest.

Sell More with Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs are one of your most valuable advertising tools. They can make or break your brand, so make sure that they make a strong impression. If you are looking for the best sign company to do your real estate signs, talk to us today for signs that make an impact.


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