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Things to Consider When Installing Business Signs

They say, “a business with no signs is a sign of no business,” and they’re right. Successful businesses understand the importance of good signage, but many factors are at work when creating the right design. In addition to having the right style, a great look, and clear messaging, signs also need to be installed correctly to achieve maximum impact.

In most cases, signs are the first point of contact businesses have with clients and potential clients. The sign you choose must be designed according to your location, local sign ordinances, and your landlord’s requirements or preferences. Enlisting the help of a local sign company with experience in the area can help you decide the best business signs for your specific objectives, provide you with high-quality, beautiful signage, and help you install them properly.

Tips to Display Outdoor Signs for Your Business

Outdoor signs can benefit your business greatly. They help you draw attention to your company, reach more people, increase sales, and attract customers. To reap the maximum benefits, however, they must be implemented correctly. These tips will help you when designing and installing your custom business signs.

Signage Design and Branding

Consistency is a key requirement when designing custom business signs both indoors and outdoors. You need to complement your brand and present the same image to your audience across all platforms. Your design needs to stand out, regardless of your location, and be consistent with your overall brand. Otherwise, you risk being another one of the many signs that people don’t think twice about.


The best signs in Toronto are visible and legible at any time and act as a 24-hour advertisement for the business. Using the best illumination methods available will ensure that your business signs are visible at any time, from a distance, and able to be read quickly by passing motorists.

Some of the most effective illuminated sign styles include:

  • Face-Lit Letters – As one of the most common illuminated exterior signs, face-lit letters combine fabricated channel letters with internal lighting. You can adjust the depth of the lettering to improve readability or add a trim cap edge.
  • Reverse Channel Letters – In reverse channel letters, also referred to as halo-lit channel letters, the sign is lit from the back of the letter and shines onto the wall behind it, making the text glow softly. Some projects combine the lighting from this type of sign with face-lit lettering to create a more dynamic design.
  • Neon Signage – Originating in the 1900s, this used to be the only way to illuminate channel letters. It was also used for internal illumination and border lighting. It makes a perfect choice for classic, unique business signage.


This will be largely determined by the municipal guidelines or signage restrictions in your area. Your sign should be large enough to get the maximum visibility, but not so big that it looks out of place.


Outdoor signs should be placed at the right height for your audience. If your sign will be placed along a busy street, ensure it is higher than obstacles around it, such as telephone lines and trees. If the target is people walking by your store, place the sign to match the height of your store’s entrance.


The sign needs to be wide enough to fit your text and graphics, allowing them to be clearly visible even at a distance. If it is too narrow, your sign can feel cramped or cut off your images or lettering.

Legibility from a Distance

It is pointless to create a sign that can’t be understood from a quick glance. Select a font that can be easily read from a distance, and make sure the lettering is large enough to be seen without straining. Ideally, the letters should be at least 1 inch tall for every 25 feet of distance from the viewer. Following this guide will give you an idea of the minimum height and width requirements of the sign.

Environmental Extremes

Given that outdoor signage is exposed to the elements, durability is a key consideration. Look into materials that can withstand rain, wind, dust, snow, sun exposure, and other environmental factors that would alter the appearance of your sign.

Treat Signs as an Investment

Your signs will last a long time, and a good sign will provide excellent returns over its life. Don’t get hung up on the upfront costs, and make sure you put in the time and effort to create a high-quality design that will last.


Ensure that you or your sign installer has the proper permits to install the signs in accordance with all local ordinances. Working with a local sign company that has experience installing signs in Toronto will help you navigate this obstacle seamlessly.

Installation and Mounting Considerations

Evaluate the mounting options available, and don’t limit yourself to only mounting on the roof or along walls. You will be surprised how and where signs can be mounted and may find more options to enhance the look of your signage.


Although it is true that you get what you pay for, it is a good idea to shop around if you need many signs. Factor in the fixings and the delivery cost when comparing prices. A good sign company should work within your budget and may offer better rates for large purchases.

Look for a Reputable Sign Company

Perhaps the most important tip is to look for a local sign company with experience in making and installing the types of signs you want and an understanding of local ordinances. Our experienced team will help you create the perfect custom business signs, ensure all design and placement laws are followed, and take care of the installation process.

Make Business Signs a Part of Your Marketing Strategy with Us!

The possibilities in sign design and placement are endless. Having the right sign company by your side will make the process of creating a business sign a lot smoother. The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is your partner from initial design to final installations, and we are available to assist you at all stages of the process. Contact us today and let us help your business reach the next level.

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