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Things to Know When Buying Business Signs in Mississauga

Purchasing Business Signs in Mississauga

Business signs are one of the oldest known methods of advertising, and they work just as well today as they ever did. However, as our ability to create different types of signs evolved, so did the art of sign design. There are now a multitude of considerations to think about when designing business signs in Mississauga. Here are a few of the top things to keep in mind.

How to Choose the Right Business Sign

Choose Your Placement Carefully

Your sign’s location and placement have many implications for its design. Most importantly, they determine what size your sign needs to be as well as how durable. Decide exactly where your sign is going to go, then think about which elements it will be exposed to. This includes rain, wind, snow, and other weather conditions, as well as sunlight and humidity.

Think About What Your Sign Is Saying

Your sign is one of the first things that many of your prospective customers will see. If it doesn’t make the right impression, they might just walk on by.

Create a sign that shows off the unique aspects of your business. Highlight your brand identity and unique selling points by choosing colours, images, and materials that match it. For example, a high-end auto body shop might choose a sleek metal sign to communicate that their work is cutting-edge and long-lasting. A toy store, on the other hand, might choose a more playful, colourful banner with bright, eye-catching graphics.

Understand Your Local Laws

Some areas may have laws about what kinds of colours or materials can be used to make an outdoor sign. Others might have restrictions on where these signs can be placed. Make sure you know all the laws that apply to signs in your municipality before ordering any business signs.

Dress Up Your Office Space

Want to make your office look a bit more distinctive? Try using signs like window decals, posters, and canvas prints to liven things up. These signs are relatively inexpensive, easy to put up and take down, and can display brightly coloured, high-quality images that will make a great impression on your customers.

Promote An Indoor Event

When promoting an indoor event, you can choose signs made of materials that wouldn’t necessarily hold up well outside. Trade shows and in-store sales are great opportunities to try out versatile options like foam boards, small tabletop signs, and tall fabric or plastic banners.

Advertise Your Outdoor Events

For outdoor event signs, visibility and weatherproofing are both very important. Flags, banners, and yard signs work great in these conditions. The right signs can get people’s attention from a mile away!

Attract Attention for a Sale

To get people to notice a sale in your store, you’ll want to direct them to the products that are being discounted. Posters, foam boards, floor decals, and other signs that are easy to move from place to place are great for this.

Spread Brand Awareness

To spread brand awareness, you can choose any type of sign that makes sense for your overall marketing strategy. Banners, flags, decals, posters, A-frame signs, and more can all work for this purpose depending on your location, budget, and needs. If you’re not sure what kind of sign will work best for what you have planned, ask your sign company for suggestions.

A Guide to Creating the Best Custom Business Signs

How to Choose the Right Design

When designing your business sign, aim to keep things short and sweet but still expressive. Your design should immediately let your audience know what type of business you are and what makes you special. Graphics, logos, and short snippets of text work great for this purpose, communicating a lot without making things overly complicated. Your goal should be to give your prospective customers a reason to visit you instead of your competitor down the street.

How to Choose the Right Materials

The materials your sign is made of are just as important a consideration as what you end up printing on it. Indoor signs are protected from the elements, so you have a lot more flexibility to choose a sign that looks good. If you’re ordering exterior signage, however, you’ll need to choose materials that can resist heat, cold, rain, sunlight, and other weather conditions.

How to Choose the Right Sign Company in Mississauga

You’ll also want to make sure you choose the best sign company available to produce your business signs. Look for one with lots of experience – they’ll be better equipped to handle the demands and scale of orders for commercial signs. A reputation for excellent customer service is a must. They should also offer a range of options beyond what you need right now. You never know how you’ll want to promote your business in the future, and a capable sign company can help you discover the range of different advertising possibilities that signs offer.

How to Buy Custom Business Signs

Here are a few final tips to help you purchase the best business signs for you!

  • Use Bold Fonts. Above all else, signs need to be readable. Using bold, clear fonts ensures that everyone can understand the message on your sign, even if they are distracted, far away, or visually impaired.
  • Keep Things Simple. Signs are meant to point someone’s attention to a single thing. Adding too much to your sign will get in the way of this goal.
  • Focus on Contrast. High contrast draws the eye and makes your sign easier to read. Pair light elements with a dark background and text or vice-versa. Consider the colour and shade of your sign’s environment, too. For example, a sky-blue banner won’t stand out when viewed against the sky itself, but an orange banner will be impossible to ignore.
  • Choose the Right Substrate. Signs with glossy surfaces might look great on their own, but they can become distracting or difficult to read in busy environments. Save glossy substrates for signs that showcase art or photography, and keep most of your utilitarian business signs matte.

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