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12 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Custom Decals and Stickers

How to Use Stickers and Decals to Promote Your Business

Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever for businesses to create custom decals and stickers to match their brand. These unconventional marketing tools provide a fun alternative to traditional advertising techniques, and because they are relatively inexpensive, businesses have little to lose by giving them a try.

Here are a few of the many ways we have seen companies use custom stickers in Toronto for promotional purposes. You can use them as inspiration for some sticker-related marketing plans of your own!

How Custom Decals and Stickers Can Help Build Your Business

1. Vehicle Branding

Stickers showcasing your company logo can be placed on the side of your car or in the window to identify it as part of your fleet. This gives your business additional legitimacy and drives greater brand recognition for consumers in your local area.

2. Storefront Signs

A large sticker or decal can serve as an excellent storefront sign for a business. This works particularly well for stores that sell products with instantly recognizable iconography, such as candy stores, grocery stores, or cannabis stores. Passersby can immediately tell what you are selling without too much additional information.

Storefront sticker signs can also be used to advertise new products that come in or to post additional business information, such as your hours of operation. These types of signs are less expensive and easier to change than some of the more permanent options, so they are good for promoting any limited-time sales events that you want to highlight.

3. Wall Stickers and Decals for Your Office

Drab office walls are impersonal and unremarkable, but some simple custom wall decals can transform the space. This small change creates an atmosphere that celebrates who you are and what you do, which may help to foster a more positive atmosphere and improve employee morale. Custom decals also make an impact on visitors to your office, making your space and your brand stand out in their minds.

4. Stickers for Products

Organizing products in a store can be quite challenging, especially when limited-time promotions require you to clearly demarcate which items are and are not part of the deal.

Custom vinyl stickers give you a unique way to label seasonal products or products that are currently on sale, setting them apart from the rest of your stock. Customers will appreciate the simplicity of this system, and the extra layer of organization will make it easier to run your store.

5. Floor Decals

Not enough space for decals on your walls? Put them on the floors instead! This unconventional way to promote your company is sure to attract everyone’s notice. You can also use these tools as a fun way to direct customers to promotions inside a store, making the shopping experience more fun. These decals are also perfect if the customer is entering an area that requires guidance, such as where a line starts or the direction of an aisle.

6. Stickers as Gifts

Some businesses include a custom sticker or two as a thank-you gift with each purchase. It costs very little to do this, but it can have a big impact on customer satisfaction. Shoppers enjoy knowing they are getting a little bit extra when shopping with you, and if they place the stickers somewhere where they see them often, your brand will remain at the top of their minds.

7. Stickers at Trade Shows

The entire point of attending a trade show is to help your business make an impression on attendees. Giving out stickers with your company’s logo on them is a great way to get people’s attention. Stickers are more memorable than the usual business cards and pens given out at these events, and they are often less expensive.

8. Stickers for Personal Items

Company stickers can easily be applied to items like notebooks and water bottles to give these everyday essentials some branded pizzazz. In shop environments, they can also be used on small items like a tip jar or your employee aprons to bring extra cohesion to the workplace.

9. Laptop and Cell Phone Decals

There is no item people use more frequently than their laptop or smartphone. That makes these items high-value spots for branded stickers since you can be sure that people will see your sticker over and over again as they go about their daily routine.

You can use custom decals or stickers to mark company-owned PCs and phones or give them out to employees and other interested parties for their personal use. High-quality stickers will never damage the item they are placed on, so there is no need to worry about accidentally harming your expensive electronics.

10. Custom Bumper Stickers

Branded bumper stickers are another great item that also provides free advertising for your business. If one of your customers or leads places your sticker on their car, your brand’s logo and message will travel with them wherever they go.

11. Custom Decals for Storefront Windows

Many stores use their front windows as a place to advertise their latest stock and promotions. A bright, stylish custom decal can be used to draw more attention to these important highlights. Since they are so easy to swap out when needed, they are excellent for adding seasonal flair to your shopping experience.

Custom decals can also provide permanent decoration for your store windows to make them more distinctive and unique. Bright colours show up particularly well against the glass and help your business stand out among the other storefronts around you.

12. Custom Packaging

Businesses that ship products directly to customers often place company stickers on the boxes to create easy custom packaging. This tactic is especially effective for eCommerce businesses that have very few other ways to mark their presence tangibly. When your customers receive their purchase in a box topped with one of your branded stickers, they will be sure to appreciate the additional legitimacy and attention to detail.

Get Quality Custom Stickers and Decals at the Best Prices Around

The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur has you covered with custom sticker printing. The possible uses for custom branded stickers and decals are nearly endless. Why not order some for your business? Call us today at 905-670-0797, contact us on our website, or request a quote to see how you can start promoting your company one custom sticker at a time.

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