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Your company’s signage is your brand’s visual identity and, understandably, a major investment. Poorly designed or executed signage could reflect bad service or low-quality products in the minds of your potential customers. As such, it is imperative that you only work with the best sign company in Toronto to guarantee results and return on your investment. Are you missing out on potential customers due to ineffective signage or looking to improve your customer’s experience? The vibrant, custom signs and designs by The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur are your best solution.

Complete Commercial Signage Company

It is easy to get a run of the mill sign at a low cost. The sign could even be effective for a period. However, for any forward-thinking business owner or leader, that is not enough. First, such a sign will not add any value or uniqueness to your brand. You will also need to hire another sign company in Toronto if you need any other form of signage elements to complete the job.

The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur saves you from that hassle. We are a one-stop Toronto sign and graphics company, providing businesses with every type of signage they could ever need. Most of our commercial signs are fabricated in-house and we only work with trusted suppliers. We source our materials for every sign we make in-house, guaranteeing quality at every stage. We can help you achieve the results you need through professionally executed solutions, regardless of your signage needs.

Signs that Work for You

If you are looking for a sign company in Toronto that can help you draw your target audience to your business, The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is here to help. We will walk you through and assist in every aspect of the signage process right from initial concept design to installation and maintenance. Using state of the art machinery, our local signage shop produces the best quality signs at an affordable cost.

Our highly knowledgeable and dedicated sign designers work closely with every client to understand their needs and goals, and to help them create the perfect and most effective sign for their businesses. Whether you need professional lobby signage, an appealing storefront, to promote a special event, wayfinding signage or any other application, we can deliver any element you need to achieve your business goals. Get your brand seen throughout the community and capitalize on potential customers with our wide range of signage solutions.

The Right Signage for Your Business

While every business is different in its nature of operations and signage needs, many companies have similar needs regardless of industry. After working with these various sectors for a considerable amount of time, we understand how they work, which allows us to recommend ideal signage solutions that best suit their needs. Our highly knowledgeable team can quickly identify different ways our signs can help you draw and engage potential new customers so you can progressively grow your business.

Indoor & Interior Signs

Your exterior signs set the pace on what customers can expect from your business. When these customers set foot in your business, your interior signs should cement their perception. To maintain the positive impression you’ve made from your outdoor signs, you need to have attractive and impactful cohesive signage that can professionally deliver your brand message. Your type of business and your needs will determine the specific mix you should choose. While manufacturing plants are best suited with safety procedure signs, schools require educational signs and so on. However, all businesses need AODA and wayfinding signage. At The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur, we identify key signage elements that will consistently deliver an outstanding customer experience to create the perfect signage solution for your business.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Your storefront sign plays a vital role when establishing and promoting your brand. By giving it a little more thought, it can grab your customers’ attention and eventually convert and retain them. However, you need the right type of outdoor sign to achieve this, which heavily depends on your desires, location, and brand. We can create the ideal outdoor sign to enable you to attract more customers and foot traffic, ultimately growing your bottom line and business. From LED signs, channel lettering signs, monument signs, projecting signs and any other type of promotional sign, The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur has the right solution for you.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Attractive and cohesive commercial vehicle wraps go a long way in promoting your brand and increasing your visibility. The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is your one-stop-shop for all your commercial vehicle wrapping needs, including wrap design, manufacturing, and installation. Our incredible team can fabricate any vehicle wrap for every vehicle, including trailers or trucks, semis, vans, watercraft vehicles and even ATVs. Continue spreading your brand message regardless of where you go, parked or driving.

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

High-quality vinyl banners, signs, graphics, and wraps are an impactful and useful signage solution for businesses of all sizes. Our custom vinyl signage experts can create unique vinyl signs to help you by:

  • Generating interest and awareness
  • Aiding customers in navigation
  • Boosting interest in a sale, promotion or special event

We are your full-service custom vinyl signs and graphics company.

Custom Signs

The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur designs and produces custom signs unique to your business. Our design team ensures that every sign is cohesive and complements your location, brand, business goals and objectives, and budget. Our custom signs allow you to showcase your brand’s personality and character in the font, logo and marketing message that you desire. Regardless of the type of sign you are looking for, we can help you find the right solution that achieves your marketing goals.

Custom Signs

Our Process

Signage Consultation

We start every project with an interactive consultation. Here we seek to understand your business, your goals, brand, and signage needs. We talk about the intended application of the sign and how you would like it displayed. Once we hash out all the details for your project, including branding elements and guidelines, we begin designing.

Custom Sign Design Services

Our expert sign design team then reviews any mock-ups or files you have for your logo or creative. Throughout this step, we give you the ability to make any adjustments you desire and to get a better idea of how the sign will function in your space.

Complete Sign Fabrication & Manufacturing

Upon your approval of the final design, we proceed to manufacturing. Our in-house state-of-the-art sign fabrication shop stages the manufacturing and project management. This allows us to save you time and money. Our production methods allow us to provide you with high-quality signs at affordable rates.

Professional Sign Installation

With every element in place, installation can begin. Our team helps you to make sure that your signage meets all permitting and compliance requirements as well as other health and safety requirements as needed.

Contact Us for Your Custom Signs and Designs

At The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur, we know the value of working with a trusted and reliable sign company in Toronto. It can mean the difference between the success and failure of your marketing efforts. We are dedicated to providing high-quality signage solutions to businesses of all sizes and to help them grow. Our customer service is outstanding, and your satisfaction is our top priority. We are the Toronto sign company that has all the solutions you need and will help you grow. Contact us today to talk to our experts about your next signage project.

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