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How Much Does a Real Estate Sign Cost?

Factors Affecting the Cost of Real Estate Signage

There’s one question on every real estate agency’s mind: how much do real estate signs cost?

It seems like a simple question, but the reality is much different. Sign pricing is a complex topic with many different factors at play. Let’s look at some of the most common factors that affect the price of real estate signs and see which of them might impact the cost of your order.

8 Factors That Affect the Cost of Real Estate Signs

1. Materials

Materials are arguably the most significant factor in sign pricing. Signs that are made of materials that are more expensive or more difficult to work with cost more to order.

Very few real estate signs are made of cardboard. This material is inexpensive, but it’s also flimsy and not suited for outdoor use. When so much of retail sign marketing depends on using signs to mark locations for people passing by, you need a solution that can withstand more than a single rainy afternoon.

That said, cardboard signs can be helpful when advertising an extremely short-term event. If you have a last-minute showing taking place that day, they might not be a bad option.

Corrugated Plastic
Corrugated plastic is one of the most commonly used materials for real estate signs. Affordable, relatively durable, and water-resistant, they offer all the features that real estate offices need to advertise the properties they’re currently representing.

Wood signs are another inexpensive for real estate agencies looking to advertise their business. They are vulnerable to moisture damage and can only be used freely in very dry environments, making them less useful than the more common corrugated plastic signs that replaced them. These types of signs used to be much more popular, but they’ve fallen out of favour these days.

Aluminum is an excellent choice for real estate signs that need to last longer than a few weeks. This material costs more than corrugated plastic, but it is still inexpensive compared to other longer-lasting options. It doesn’t rust easily, and it’s very light and easy to transport from one place to another.

Steel real estate signs are extremely durable – with proper care, they can last for decades. However, few real estate offices need their signs to last that long. Steel signs are also extremely heavy and difficult to transport, and they may rust if exposed to damp conditions.

Reflective Materials
If you plan to display your sign in dark conditions, you might want to opt for signs that are coated with reflective material. They reflect light from car headlights and other sources, making them easy to see even at night.

2. Sign Size

The sign size is another major factor in sign pricing. Larger signs use more material and are harder to make, so they are more expensive than small lawn signs and other more modest signage.

Don’t opt for a smaller sign than you need to save a little money. Sometimes a larger sign is necessary to get the job done. Consider the matter carefully and choose the size that will get your sign noticed in its intended environment.

3. Quality

A high-quality sign that is built to last will cost more than a flimsy sign that may fall apart in a few weeks. Low sign quality isn’t always a problem, though. For instance, outdoor signs do not need to be made to extremely high-quality standards because they won’t be useful after that property is sold.

Every sign you use should be professionally designed and never look sloppy, however, so it is still important to work with a sign company you can trust for these types of projects. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression!

4. Customization Options

Some sign companies offer a selection of pre-made standard post and panel signs with standardized messaging. These signs are cheaper than custom signs, but they don’t convey your messaging well and look generic and uninteresting. These days, you can get a custom digitally printed sign for nearly the same price as a generic sign.

5. Colours

When real estate signs were individually screen printed, the number of colours in a design was a significant factor in the cost of that order. Now that digital printing has become the industry standard, this is no longer an important consideration. Sign companies can even use precise colour-matching technology to ensure that the colours on your printed sign match the colours of your digital file.

6. Content

A sign’s content also used to play a big part in determining its cost. For example, many post signs for real estate include a photo of the realtor who is representing the property. This used to be very difficult to accomplish using the printing methods that were available years ago. Now, digital printers can replicate highly detailed images with high precision. You can put whatever you like on a digitally printed sign – the cost won’t increase as a result.

7. Design

Most shops that manufacture post signs for business use will offer professional design services that are included in the cost of your order. Ideally, the sign company you choose should have a graphic design artist on their staff who specializes in real estate signage. These types of signs are highly standardized and require the designer to be familiar with the expected layout and wording to produce a professional-looking result.

8. Transportation

If you ask a sign company to deliver your real estate signs, you’ll need to pay for mileage and additional labour costs on top of the cost of your signs.

Some sign companies offer free delivery with every purchase, seemingly making this a non-issue. However, no business can survive by simply giving away products and services it costs them money to provide. Signs with free shipping have baked the cost of that shipping into their final price.

Get Professional Real Estate Signs from One of Toronto’s Top Sign Companies

Affordable and transparent pricing is a key indicator of a good sign company. If you’re looking for a place to get quality real estate signs at an attractive price, visit The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur. Our many local real estate clients are thrilled with the signs we create for them. Contact us at 905-670-0797 or request a quote using our online form to find out more about what it would cost to have us handle your next sign project.

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