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Using Real Estate Signs as a Marketing Tool in Toronto

Using Real Estate Signs as a Marketing Tool in Toronto

Recent statistics show that the real estate market in Toronto, Ontario continues to grow with year over year sales continuing to increase. This is also true for all the other municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area. From Burlington to Oshawa, Markham to Milton, and all points in between, there is a huge demand for real estate, both commercial and residential. As a realtor, you need to get the attention of all these people who want a new home or business location. And you also want to stand out against the many other realtors who are buying and selling homes in the Greater Toronto Area seeking to capitalize on this market. But how do you do that?

Real estate marketing in Toronto, ON

The real estate business retains a very old-school approach to marketing and promotion. Every type of business can, and usually does, use signs to market and promote themselves. But few businesses are as reliant on their signage for marketing as realtors. Real estate companies thrive on signs, whether it’s the signs they put on the lawns of homes, the commercial real estate signs they put in the windows of available properties, or even billboards. Even the most successful realtors still rely on classic real estate signs to market their business. This is true for homes that are for sale, as well as after they are sold. That “SOLD” sign tells other prospective home sellers that when the time comes to move, they should call you.

Real estate signs in Toronto, ON

To be successful in the real estate business, you need to make sure that you are as visible as possible. Prospective buyers immediately take interest in a well-made real estate sale sign that announces the availability of a property. It remains a major way that people first find what will become their home. But beyond just saying, “For Sale”, the real estate sign must convey a little more. How you brand yourself via your real estate sign is also critical. You need customized real estate signs for all your real estate branding needs. You want your real estate signs to be unique, personal to you and your business, to stand out from all other real estate signs, and to be instantly recognizable as yours.

Other types of real estate signs

So far, we have focused on the classic lawn real estate signs we so often see around Toronto. But there are other types of real estate signs you can use, too. For example, a good A-frame sign or sandwich board is great to alert people of an open house and to display the hours that it is open. Realtors also need customized marketing materials such as business cards, postcards, promotional products, banners, and more to give your business a boost and to really convey your identity. All types of real estate signs are about giving the properties you advertise an edge over other properties in that neighbourhood and help you to stand out in the crowd.

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