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11 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Businesses

Best Ways to Use Digital Signage

From posters to window displays, there are countless ways that companies have put the power of visual media to work for their brands. One of the newer types of advertising is digital signage. Digital signs have immense potential to engage and direct your customers in ways that are most beneficial to your business. Here are 11 ways you can use digital signage to reach your most ambitious business goals.

The Best Ways to Revolutionize Your Marketing with Digital Signs

Attract with Digital Signage

Create a Window or Street Display

Many people passing by your business each day may be completely overlooking you right now. A digital sign installed in your front window or just outside your front door can grab their attention and make your presence known. Doing this stirs up interest in your local community and makes the most of the free advertising space you have in front of your own property.

Showcase Your Other Attributes

Digital signs can help show your audience other ways to connect with your brand. If your store has a sister location or branches in other cities, mention them in your signage. You should also include your website and social media handles, so people know where to find you online. This information gives people who are fans of your company more ways to interact with your brand and explore your full range of products and services.

Educate with Digital Signage

Highlight Your Products and Services

Wish you could tell your whole customer base about that new shipment of goods you just got in? With a digital sign, you can! Use digital signage to show off some of your most popular products or your latest arrivals. Because the sign can be changed at the touch of a button, it’s easy to keep updating it to show the latest products and information.

Display Product Demos

Do you sell new or unusual products that many people don’t fully understand? Use a digital sign to display a video product demo. These displays help your customers see your products in action, allowing them to better understand how they’re used and what additional value they offer over similar products in the market. This extra information might be enough to sway them to make a purchase from you.

Spread the News

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s always something new going on. A digital sign can serve as a community newsletter for your customers. You can share information about your company and any upcoming products or changes as well as general industry news. Taking the time to provide this information positions your company as a source of expert information in your field, building your business’ authority. Your customers will also appreciate the opportunity to update their knowledge while shopping with you.

Entertain with Digital Signage

Tell Your Story

Every business has a story behind it. Use digital signage solutions to tell yours. You might record a short video of yourself introducing your business and its origins to show your customers who is behind the brand they love. You could also feature behind-the-scenes content showing things like how your products are made, where they come from, and where you get your ideas for new offerings.

Show How You Give Back

Philanthropy is a very important topic these days, especially among younger consumers. Use your digital signs to demonstrate how your business helps to make the world a better place. Whether you sponsor a local children’s sports team, organize a community clean-up day, or just promote kindness and good cheer, your digital signage can provide proof of your accomplishments and give socially conscious customers one more reason to shop with you.

Show Off Your Social Streams

Not only does social media give you an excellent advertising channel, but it also opens up a new world of user-generated content you can use to promote your brand. Use a digital sign to display users’ posts and comments. If you run any contests through your social pages, you can add user submissions into the mix as well. Just be sure to monitor the content to avoid displaying any inappropriate subject matter.

Display Custom TV Feeds

Placing a TV in your waiting room is an easy way to keep your patrons entertained, but simply switching on a random channel doesn’t give you much control over the content that is being shown. What if the channel is running ads for one of your competitors? A digital sign can be used to create a custom TV feed with a selection of content that aligns with your brand and goals. You can even place a custom frame over the feed to further reinforce your brand.

Promote and Sell with Digital Signage

Display Promotions and Testimonials

One of digital signage’s key strengths is its ability to accommodate rapid changes. Use it to modify your signage quickly and keep your customers informed of all the latest promotions at your business. You can also display reviews for your business and its products, providing valuable social proof that gives customers a reason to trust you.

Get More Attention for Underrated Products and Services

Every business has a few core products that sell extremely quickly and many others that are not as popular. Electronic signage can draw your customers’ attention to these overlooked products. Since these people have a clear interest in your brand, they are usually open to trying these other items out as well. Little by little, you can use this strategy to build sales momentum for these products until they have enough organic demand to stand on their own.

Get Premium Digital Signage Solutions Now

There are so many different ways your business could put digital signs to work – now all you need to do is get some. That’s where The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur comes in. We are a leading provider of digital signage in Canada and are always happy to help first-time users figure out how best to implement this technology. Contact us today at 905-670-0797 for more information or request a quote online for your new digital sign project.

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