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How Digital Signage Works

How Digital Signage Works

There are many different types of signs, and signage has continued to evolve in the recent decades.  While the standard signage of light boxes and other types of graphics are still effective, if you are looking for something a little more modern, you may want to consider how you can utilize digital signage. You can see there are an increased number of digital signs across Toronto, and this article looks in to digital signage and how it can work for you.

Digital Signage

Many things that were once unimaginable are now commonplace due to technological advancements. Digital signage can be considered amongst this technology. Digital signs are pretty much used by all types of businesses. The increase of digital signage has largely been made possible by the advent of affordable large format screen displays. We’re talking about LED, LCD, etc. Digital signage can be seen pretty much everywhere now: in banks, airports, malls, retail outlets, and of course, at Yonge and Dundas Square.

Advantages of Digital Signage

But what advantages does digital signage have over more traditional signage? Well, for one, when potential consumers are in the vicinity of various visual ads, their eye is naturally drawn to what is most visually eye-catching. Movement tends to catch our eye better than an inert image. That is what makes dynamic digital signage special. The underlying technology is what makes digital signage stand out in a crowd.

And then there’s the purely practical advantage of being able to display multiple messages on the same space. Digital signage can change what it’s showing at regularly timed intervals. If you have a traditional sign that says, “Shop at Shane’s Shoe Shop”, then that’s all it will ever say. But a digital sign can say that, then show photos of Shane’s collection of shoes, then show an exterior shot of Shane’s Shoe Shop, and then show a map of where Shane’s Shoe Shop is located and the store’s contact info. Digital signage is essentially an advanced electronic sign that can change the messages being advertised on cue depending on real time changes at the actual point of playback.

“Where Can I Use Digital Signage?”

You can use digital signage pretty much anywhere you can use more traditional forms of signage. You can use digital signage at trade shows to make your booth stand out, or on the exterior of your building to grab people’s attention and draw them inside. You can use them in the lobby or reception areas of businesses or office buildings to advertise or inform. The applications for digital signage areactually quite extensive.

Get in Touch

The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur Inc. can help you build the perfect dynamic digital sign in the Greater Toronto Area. But before you get a new digital sign, remember that you have to consider what permits may be required and obtain them first. Digital signage often requires the right permits to be allowed in a public area. This is where our expertise can help you. At the Sign & Graphics Manufaktur Inc. we can help you obtain the right signage permit for your location, as well create and install the digital signage for you. To schedule a free consultation about your potential digital signage please contact us by phone at 905-670-0797. We look forward to serving you!


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