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Reach Your Audience Effectively with LED Displays & Digital Signage

How LED Signs Can Help You Reach Your Audience Effectively

Digital signage uses electronic displays such as LCD, LED, or projection to display content for informational and advertising purposes. Digital signage can be programmed to display custom messages that relate to your current business needs at any time. You can also program them with interactive or entertaining content, making it effective for drawing your audience’s attention and communicating with them.

What are the Components of Digital Signage Solutions?

Digital Signages & Displays

Digital displays are part of the hardware component of digital signage and are mostly made up of LED screens. They come in different formats ranging from the simple and standard screens displaying digital menu boards, digital posters, and indoor retail signage to advanced LED wall displays and electronic billboards. Many business organizations use multiple digital screens throughout their premises. Some other companies may opt for video walls and electronic billboards to provide a larger scale for messages and increase brand awareness.

Support Hardware

The cost and importance of the support hardware are often overlooked. However, these are essential items that impact the performance of your digital signage. They include the different types of mounting hardware, installation, and HDMI cables. This equipment is used to angle and support your screens on a variety of surfaces and connect them to power supplies and electronic systems. It is important to envision how you would like your signage to be positioned while selecting your mounting hardware so you can keep in mind the accessibility and visual interaction with your target audience.

Media Player

A media player is a small device that acts as the brain behind your digital signage solution. It is controlled by your software program to transmit digital content at a given time to your digital screens. It can also be connected to Wi-Fi, enabling you to make any necessary alterations to the digital signage solution at your convenience.

Content Management System

The Content Management System is a software program that offers a platform for managing and updating your digital signage content via the internet. Based on your business needs, there are multiple software suppliers and types to choose from, depending on your preference, budget, and compatibility.

Open-based software and cloud-based software are the most commonly used. Open-based software is popular among most brands as it is easy to install using most computer operating systems and promotes cooperation between software and hardware. However, management of open-based software may eventually lead to unnecessary expenses if you decide to change your display in multiple locations. This is because it needs to be managed at each location.

As opposed to open-based software, cloud-based software can be operated remotely. This lets you update your displays in multiple locations as long as you are connected to the internet. This software makes it possible to efficiently manage and update any signage on your network remotely through a web portal.

Digital Content

Digital content is the heart of your digital signage solution and is used to captivate and inspire action from your target audience. The effectiveness of your digital signage is highly dependent on the content of the video and text on display. Just as it is important to get the best screens and software for your digital signage solution, effective and compelling content should also be at the top of your list. Working with a full-service digital signage provider who can create exciting content will help you meet your marketing goals.

Ways to Use Digital Signage for Your Business

Create A Window or Street Display

This is an effective way to take advantage of the free advertising space that is in your location by putting up captivating signs directly facing the streets or sidewalks. Going a step further and paying for your content to be put up on electronic billboards can put you a step ahead of your competitors.

Show Off Your Other Properties and Platforms

Display your other locations. This lets your clients see where else they can find you and provides alternative places of interest. Additionally, you can highlight your social media platforms for your clients to interact with and find out more about your business.

Showcase Your Products and Services

Increase the visibility of your most prominent products, services, or promotions by featuring them on your displays. You can highlight individual items and showcase their unique features.

Display Product Demos

An LED-backlit sign can be an excellent platform to showcase visual information on how to use a product or access a service. You can also use it to demonstrate a new product that you have launched.

Share News About Your Brand or Industry

Engage your clients and your target audience by sharing news, updates on new trends, or policy changes to allow them to keep up with the growth and development of your brand or industry.

Build Relationships by Telling Your Story

It has been shown that customers become more attached to businesses when they have a glimpse of their behind-the-scenes story or learn about the brand’s history. An LED display is a perfect platform to put a face to your brand and tell a story that your audience can connect with.

Highlight How You Make a Difference

Research shows that people prefer to be associated with brands that do more for their community. Use an LED-backlit sign to highlight your corporate social responsibility and your brand’s goodwill.

Display Social Streams

Reshare tweets, blog posts, and mentions of your products on your display. When you do this, it is recommended that you manage and monitor the streams to avoid showcasing negative, inappropriate, or hateful content.

Bring Attention to Your Promotions

Utilize an LED display to make real-time updates and push promotions based on your inventory and marketing strategies.

Show Testimonials & Reviews.

Let customers in your store see what other customers have to say about your brand by airing their reviews.

Bring Services & Products Out of The Shadows

Use an LED display to increase the visibility of your less popular services and products with your clients who already value your brand.

What Type of Business Can Benefit from Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a highly effective marketing tool that any industry can use for tangible returns on their marketing efforts. They are ideal for businesses in the hospitality, tourism, transport, retail, education, medical, or corporate industries. These signs can help get informational or promotional messages to the right audience with great efficacy.

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