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10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Digital Signage Marketing

How to Make Digital Signage Work for You

Thanks to modern technology, businesses can now use digital signs to promote themselves and their items. This type of signage works a little differently than typical static signs, delivering specific information, fostering customer engagement, and persuading viewers to take a desired action. Learn more about how you can make the most of this opportunity by reading our top ten tips for using digital signs.

How You Can Use Digital Signage More Effectively for Your Business

1. Set Specific Goals

Think about what you want your digital sign to accomplish. Do you want the people who see it to:

  • Visit your store?
  • Take advantage of a particular promotion?
  • Sign up for an event sponsored by your business?
  • Visit your website?
  • Follow you on social media?

Decide on a goal for your sign and use the rest of the tips to craft a design around that objective.

2. Get the Basics Down

There are three basic considerations to think about when commissioning a digital sign for your company.

  • Content: What will your sign say? You can use both words and images to communicate your message. Aim for an original statement that will stand out to the people who see it. If your sign says the same thing as every other shop, office, or food service location in your area, your business will struggle to establish its own identity.
  • Location: Where do you want your sign to go? A digital sign meant for the front of your building will advertise different things than one going up inside the premises. Remember that digital signage in Canada will be subject to snowfall on a regular basis, so consider how well your screen will hold up to the elements when thinking about where you would like to place it.
  • Size: How big does your sign need to be? Roadside signs are usually quite large, so people can see them easily as they pass by, but indoor signs will only be viewed up close and can be made much smaller as a result. They can also incorporate more text and detailed imagery, while large signs must keep things simple and to the point for maximum impact.

3. Define Your Engagement Strategy

Electronic signage provides many opportunities to incorporate interactive elements into your messaging. Consider including buttons, clickable menus, or even games to promote user interaction if you’re using touchscreens. Signs with standard screens can use QR codes to replicate some of these functions using mobile technology. Even simply including your web address or social media feeds at the bottom of the display gives viewers an easy way to immediately continue engaging with your brand if they are interested.

4. Draw Your Audience’s Attention

Digital signs make it easy to incorporate crisp, high-quality images of your products or services into your display. Choose pictures and videos that show your company at its best and make people want to take a closer look. Don’t forget that the human eye is naturally drawn to movement. Take advantage of digital signage’s ability to display video content and incorporate some moving elements to keep your audience’s eyes locked on your sign and your brand.

5. Boost Social Media Engagement

Scoring extra social media shares is never a bad thing. Use your digital signs to encourage interested people to interact with your brand on social media. This works best if you advertise incentives for doing so, such as exclusive discounts, prize draws, and giveaways. You can also use hashtags and QR codes to give viewers a way to jump straight to your social media channels.

6. Persuade People to Take Action

People who just walk by your sign don’t contribute to your business goals. Use your sign to encourage people to do certain things with strategically chosen calls to action. If you’d like to see more social media engagement, encourage people to like, follow, or subscribe to your brand on the appropriate channels. If you want them to visit you in-store, use words and phrases like ‘check out,’ ‘shop,’ or ‘visit us’ to prompt that action.

7. Make Queue Lines More Fun

Customers prefer shorter queue lines, but it is not always possible to eliminate them. Digital signage solutions can be used to inform and entertain customers while they wait to enter your premises or pass through your checkout lines. This can massively improve the customer experience at your location and give you additional chances to market to shoppers as they navigate your queue.

8. Customize Messages for Customers

You should have a good understanding of the kind of people who visit your store. Because of this, you can customize what your digital signage says to appeal to whoever comes in. If you know that you can expect a younger crowd after school, change the messaging to something suited for that age range. If you often get families visiting on the weekends, you can choose imagery and text that works better for this demographic.

9. Feature Customer Interactions

Social proof goes a long way with consumers, especially those who generally distrust corporate messaging. Use your digital sign to showcase reviews, testimonials, and photos of happy customers who have given their permission to be featured. This will show others how successful and well-liked your business is. Social media feeds and review platforms such as Google Reviews are great ready-made content sources for this type of advertising. Because they are constantly being updated, you can switch up your sign display periodically as well.

10. Keep Your Content Consistent and Up To Date

Because it is so easy to change, electronic signage is often used to advertise new products or promotions. If you choose to do this, it is important to keep your sign updated as your stock and current offers change.

This is especially critical for product categories where people have strong preferences for particular varieties or brands, such as alcohol or cannabis. If someone has taken the time to visit your store specifically because your sign advertised that you have a particular cannabis strain in stock, they will be very disappointed to learn that you have none left. Let them know you have the products they’re looking for but remember to update your sign when you have sold your entire supply.

Get Dynamic Digital Signs Solutions with Us

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