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Five Benefits of Using Window Decals for Toronto Businesses

Five Benefits of Using Window Decals for Toronto Businesses

Having effective signage is an essential part of how you promote and market yourself. There are a variety of different styles of signs that each provides their own unique benefits, and one that is frequently overlooked is a window decal. Decals are an effective way to draw customers and increase your brand visibility. Read on to learn about five benefits window decals can offer your business.

The Benefits of Window Decals

  • Affordable Advertisement – Choosing to use a window decal is an inexpensive choice for signage and an excellent way to advertise. When comparing their cost and return versus other varieties of signage, decals have a low cost per impression. They also don’t require you to source out any permits, further saving you both time and money.
  • Support Your Brand – Adding vinyl decals to the interior and exterior windows of your company helps to attract the attention of customers, and allow you to emphasize your brand, promotions and ideas.
  • Display Important Information – Window decals are ideal for promoting things that aren’t going to change frequently. This can include operating hours, brands carried, services offered, long-lasting specials, and more.
  • Create a Unique Design – You can use the design of the window decal to highlight what you do, tie-in to your branding and help you stand out. Display some menu items your restaurant offers, examples of shoes or accessories your store carries, or make use of your brand’s colours and imagery.
  • Utilize Unused Space – You may have some windows or panels that aren’t being used to help effectively promote your business. This, of course, doesn’t include storefront windows as you still want customers to be able to see into your store or restaurant. However, some companies have side windows that face streets or sidewalks, which are ideal for vinyl decals. Additionally, they provide some privacy inside your business if you choose to use a full-window decal.

Use Window Decals to Get Your Business Noticed

A window decal is an inexpensive choice that delivers substantial impact. The Sign and Graphics Manufaktur wants to help you maximize these benefits so you can watch your business grow. For more information about our window decal services and other signage options, please call us at 905-670-0797, or request a quote for your project.

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