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How & Where to Use Custom Decals

How & Where to Use Custom Decals

Custom decals are a very inexpensive and cost-effective form of signage. Custom decals are effective at delivering short, simple messages, and even depicting small graphics. But when is it best to use a custom decal and when it is it best to use a different type of sign or graphic, such as a wall graphic? Where are the best places to use custom decals? This article will go over how best to use, and where to use, custom decals.

How to use custom decals

For the purposes of clarity, let us first state that “decal” and “sticker” are often used interchangeably in the signage world although traditionally a sticker would be a graphic that has an adhesive and you can peel it off and stick it to a surface. Custom vinyl cut decals are installed by transferring the decal to a transfer tape, ensuring it is free of air bubbles and installing it to your wall, metal, porcelain or other surface. You need to be careful with custom decals as with stickers, they cannot be repositioned once affixed. You can’t move custom decals around until you find the spot you like. Once you’ve picked your spot, your custom decal is staying there until you take it down.

Where to use custom decals

As mentioned above, custom decals can be used as wall signs. You can use custom decals to spell out the name of your Toronto-area business, to advertise specific products for sale in your retail space, or just to provide wayfinding signage in a unique and effective way. Custom decals allow you to deliver information which can is purely functional, but to do so in a way that not only stands out better, but that allows you to subtly convey some aspects of your brand. For example, you can use special fonts or colour schemes with your custom decals that match your other signage and branding.

Custom decals on vehicles

Another popular place to install custom decals is on a work vehicle. Custom decals on work vehicles are an incredibly effective form of marketing and promotion. Consider all the time you spend driving around, stuck in traffic on the 401, commuting from Brampton, Woodbridge, Pickering, or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area. Now what if you could turn all that time spent commuting into advertising time. By promoting your business on your work vehicle with custom decals, you can do just that. Custom decals are popular with tradespeople who drive to different worksites regularly, such as plumbers, landscapers, and pest control services businesses.

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The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur designs custom decals for people and businesses in Toronto, ON, and nearby places. Whether you want a custom decal to brand your retail space, to promote your business on your work vehicle, or just to make your child’s playroom a little more fun and interesting, we can design and manufacture the right custom decals for you. To request a quote or a free consultation, please contact us through our website or by calling us at 905-670-0797.

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