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What You Should Know About Custom Decals

What You Should Know About Custom Decals

Custom Decals

Custom made decals can be used creatively on windows and cars to advertise your business or enhance the interior of your business with wall decals. Custom decals can be installed on many different surfaces as they work like stickers. However, decals are typically intended for one time usage only. They are not meant to be repositioned.  Therefore, you want to plan out your design before installation to ensure you are going to be happy with the placement of the decal. If you want a sign that can be moved or installed but removed at times, then a magnetic sign may be a better option.  Magnetic signs can be installed on vehicles and other magnetic surfaces.

In the signage industry, the terms “sticker” and “decal” are often used interchangeably. The appeal of these signs is that they are inexpensive, versatile, and easy to apply and they can be customized and printed with your unique brand identity and graphics.

Customizing Decals

There aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to customizing your decals, so you can do whatever you like. Bright, vibrant colour, intricate patterning, text, graphics, you name it; you can do them all with custom decals. Individual custom decals come in many different sizes, too. Another option you have is to spell out something or to create a pattern using several or even many smaller custom decals.

A couple of items to keep in mind when creating a custom decal are:

  • Text – if you have a decal with text on it, use an easily readable font. You you’re your customers to be able to read your message and if the font is not legible it won’t be effective.
  • Colour – use bright, vibrant colours that are consistent with or complement your brand image. Decals look best with bright colours, but if that doesn’t work with your brand image, choose colours that stand out, but are still within your brand’s colour palette.
  • Shape and Size – depending on where you are placing your decal, you will want to determine the shape and size of your decal. A decal that is too small for a large window, will not have the desired effect and a huge decal on a car may not be appropriate either.

Where to Use Custom Decals

Custom decals can be used on many different types of surfaces. Places you can use custom decals include:

  • Vehicles – Perhaps the most common place we see custom decals is on a vehicle. Custom decals are ideal for vehicles because their adhesive qualities allow them to stick to uneven surfaces. You can use one custom decal on car door or on the hood of your vehicle to advertise your business or you can create a pattern of decals all over your vehicle.
  • Walls – Custom decals offer a less expensive alternative to wall signage and decoration when compared to wall graphics and murals.
  • Floors – Custom decals can also be put on to floors, but be careful here. For any area with regular foot traffic, you will probably want to use floor graphics instead.

Custom Decals Toronto

If you want a custom decal in the Greater Toronto Area contact us, the Sign & Graphics Manufaktur either at our website or by calling us at 905-670-0797.



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