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Using Office Signs to Boost Employee Productivity

How Office Signage Can Boost Employee Morale

Exterior signs like storefront and office front signs may be what most people think of first when they think about business signage, but indoor signs can be just as important to achieving your company’s goals. Office signs are powerful tools for shaping your office culture and your team’s work habits.

If you want your workforce to be as productive as possible, you’ll want to have the power of well-designed signage on your side. Keep reading to learn more about what kinds of office signs are available, how they work, and how you can use them to drive higher productivity in your own office.

Sign Ideas to Use in Your Office

Inspire Awe with Acrylic and Aluminum Signs

Acrylic and aluminum signs are one of the most versatile types of office signs you can get. While they can be used for big attention-grabbing lobby signs, they’re even better suited to less showy applications like name plates and department signs.

These signs can be a great way to recognize the contributions of your organization’s teams or key players. Nothing motivates a driven employee more than the knowledge that their work is important to the company’s overall mission. Giving them a personal desk sign or a new department sign demonstrates the respect and gratitude these workers crave, and that often leads them to work even harder to show their dedication.

Reinforce Your Brand with Backlit Lettering

Looking for a uniquely eye-catching indoor sign that’ll look great in any lighting? Backlit channel lettering signs are perfect for your needs. These signs look like your standard professional lobby signs when unlit, but turning the lights on brings them to life in a whole new way. Day or night, they’ll keep on shining and keep your company’s message alive.

These signs invigorate your workplace atmosphere, sparking new ideas and kindling new enthusiasm in your employees. The fact that they look best at night also subtly communicates that your company’s work may not always be limited to standard business hours. Sometimes it takes some late nights to make the magic happen!

Shake Things Up with Custom Decals

Signs don’t have to be permanent installations to make a big impact. Wall graphics, floor decals, and window decals can all be used to enhance a space and add eye-catching visual elements to an otherwise bland office environment. Even something as simple as putting your company’s logo on the wall can stir up some healthy team spirit and get everyone ready to work together.

Consider Using Quotes

If your goal is to motivate your team, why not get right to the point? Motivational quotes make great signs and are very direct, making it hard for your message to get lost in translation. You can print them on standard wall signs, have custom lettering made and installed in a common area, or use wall decal letters to create the same effect without making any permanent changes.

You might use a quote from your company’s founder or leader in your field, or just use a well-known truism like “work smarter, not harder.” No matter what quote you decide to showcase, it will speak to the kind of work you want to see within your organization and nudge your employees onto the same track.

Small Signs That Make a Big Difference

Not ready to make any big changes to your office just yet? That’s fine too. You can still use signs to make a splash with the following strategies.

  • Wayfinding Signs. Directional signs that point out paths to things like the parking garage, reception desk, and main entrance. Not only will this help your employees save time by eliminating any confusion about where these major amenities are located, but it will also draw extra attention to things like your reception sign as people walk by them. The more your employees see your signs, the more they will come to feel close to your brand and aligned with its values.
  • Door Signage. Major areas aren’t the only things you can use signs to label. Hanging up office door signs makes your building’s layout easier to navigate and clarifies the purpose of each room. With these aids, your employees can get to know the space better and feel like they truly belong in your organization.
  • Mug Stickers. Many offices are powered by a constant stream of caffeinated beverages throughout the day. Take advantage of this by providing your employees with mugs decorated with branded stickers. They’ll appreciate having the mug ready to use at work, and you’ll benefit from the extra goodwill they channel into their work.
  • Courtesy Signs. Courtesy signs are great for nudging employees toward the kind of office culture you want to foster. For instance, an office with a serious and professional atmosphere might remind employees to please be quiet in common areas so others can focus on their duties, while more playful offices might invite employees to sit down and share ideas over a cup of coffee. It’s up to you to decide what kind of space you want to create and how you want to encourage your employees to work.

Corporate Signage Improves Team Productivity

Customizing your interior spaces makes your office feel more unique. Wall and window decals, canvas prints and other simple signs make it easy to add some subtle flourish to your interior spaces.

Whether you’re a fun, scrappy tech start-up eager or a buttoned-up law office, you can use illustrations, graphics, and other images to enhance the beauty and atmosphere inside your building. Your team will feel as if the space is truly their own, and this sense of ownership will drive them to take pride in their work.

Get the Best Custom Office Signs with The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur

If you want to put one or more of these ideas to work in your office, the first thing you need to do is order your custom office signs from a reputable manufacturer. Don’t bother searching for terms like “lobby signs near me” – contact The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur for all the custom signs you need. Give us a call today at 905-670-0797 or get in touch with us on our website to begin budgeting for your new office signage and start enjoying higher productivity within your team.


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