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Custom Canvas Prints

custom canvas prints

Are the walls of your home or business looking a little bare? A custom canvas print could be just what you need to bring the space to life.

Canvases can be used to decorate a variety of home and commercial settings. Whether you want to display your company logo, information on your products and services, or any other images, these products make it easy.

The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is a top producer of custom canvases for individuals and businesses in the Toronto area. Our canvas prints are easy to hang, long-lasting, and do not fade, allowing you to enjoy their benefits for many years.

Premium Custom Canvas Prints

Canvases are regularly used for advertising, photo printing, art reproductions, and more. They are great for showing off new products and services or accenting your space with custom wall decor. Subtle, versatile, long-lasting, and affordable, they offer all the major benefits of permanent sign displays at a lower price point. Our canvases are some of the best available in the Greater Toronto Area and can be made according to your precise specifications, making them even more attractive.

Why Choose Canvas Prints?

Toronto Custom Canvases Prints Canvas prints are versatile pieces of décor that can brighten up any room in your home or business. Use them to:

  • Recreate beautiful masterworks for an affordable price
  • Add dimension and visual interest to your walls
  • Commemorate noteworthy people, events, or accomplishments
  • Show off your products with beautiful high-resolution displays that last
  • Enhance the visual cohesion of a room
  • Make any room into a one-of-a-kind space

They are suitable for living rooms, kitchens, nurseries, offices, salons, shops, cafes, and any other location that needs an extra decorative touch. Try them out in any setting that needs a little something!

Why Choose Us for Custom Canvas Prints?

Here at The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur, we go the extra mile to keep our customers happy. Choose us for your canvas printing needs to enjoy:

  • Custom Sizing. We make canvas prints in all sizes according to our customers’ needs. Ask us how big or small we can go!
  • Unbeatable Quality. We take pride in our work and always attend to the smallest details. We know you’ll be satisfied with our final product.
  • Exemplary Customer Service. Our simple ordering process and attentive customer service make it easy for you to get the prints you want with no hassle or hold-ups. Just submit your order and leave the rest to us.

4 Easy Steps to Custom Canvas Prints

  • Step 1: Choose Your Size. From tiny photo prints to panoramic displays, we offer prints of all sizes.
  • Step 2: Choose Your Thickness. Select thick or thin canvas materials for different applications. Thinner canvas prints more closely resemble posters, while thicker ones provide more depth and dimension.
  • Step 3: Choose Your Wrap. Your canvas can be printed with white wrap borders or with the edges of the design wrapped around the frame.
  • Step 4: Hang It Up. You can hang your finished print anywhere in your home or business. It’s even easier when you use the package of hanging supplies we offer for a small additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Canvas Prints

How Much Does a Canvas Print Cost?

We base the cost of our canvas prints on many factors, including the size of the print and the type of edge you choose. If you want to know the approximate cost of the project you have in mind, ask our staff for an estimate.

Will the Finished Canvas Look Like the Digital Image?

Digital images look a little different on every device they’re viewed on, so it’s unlikely that your print will be an exact match. However, you can expect it to be crisp, high-quality, and largely screen accurate. We use sophisticated colour-matching technology to ensure that your finished product is as close to what appears in your digital file as possible.

What Size Canvas Print Should I Get?

That depends on the size of the space you’re trying to fill. Measure that space to determine which dimensions you should be aiming for. You can even trace the area in pencil to get a better idea of how much room your canvas print will take up. Try a few different size options and see which one you like best!

Contact The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur for Premium-Quality Custom Canvas Prints

If you are interested in obtaining a custom canvas for your home or office, reach out to us at 905-670-0797. You can also request a quote online to learn more about the cost of your canvas artwork.

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