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Wayfinding Signage – Directional Signs Design

Directional & Wayfinding Signage

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Wayfinding signage can broadly categorised into identification, directional, informational, and regulatory signs.

The most common among these are the directional signs. This subset of wayfinding signage can be seen across airports, within markets with lots of business units and also in parking garages across the city. If your business needs a directional sign, then it’s best to plan it out during the initial phase as they are often left out to be dealt with later. Wayfinding signage design is simple but needs prior planning. One of the reasons for this is that they are spread out across an area and are not placed at a point. Directional signs often are a precursor to identification signs, which leads a person to his desired location. An information sign can then guide him/her to the exact destination.

Wayfinding signage design has a very basic principle: Guiding people to their desired destination and impart a handful of information. Therefore, placement is of utmost importance. Equally important is what kind of signs you are using to guide people. While traditional wayfinding signs are found at junctions, and on walls as stickers, floor graphics, too, can be used smartly as wayfinding signs.

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