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4 Keys to Great Banner Design

4 Keys to Great Banner Design

Banners are elegant in their simplicity. Sometimes, you may want elaborate signage but for those times when you want something simple a banner may be the right choice. Banners are pretty straight forward. You put the content on the banner and you hang it up or open the banner at your event. However, there are still plenty of mistakes people make when commissioning, making, and installing banners.

Banners are so versatile that they can be used anywhere for almost any purpose. You can use them for a grand opening, a school or town fair, a church event, a sporting event, a trade show, or anywhere, really. To really make the most of your banner, here are four keys to a great banner.

1. Durability

A lot of people commission a banner to be designed for a single use and don’t consider the durability of a banner to be important, but it is. First, you never know what the future holds. You may have occasion to reuse the banner. Second, can you imagine what would happen if your banner falls apart during your event/fair/trade show? Your banner will appear cheap and will make you look unprofessional. That is why you need a well-designed banner that is durable and that won’t break down.

2. Don’t be Afraid of Colour

A lot of people see banners as a place for text, and they can be. Black text on a white banner can be effective. But there are a lot of colours in the visible spectrum including the colours of your logo and brand. Why not use some of them? If you want a banner for a fair or a community event, why not use some fun colourful lettering? If your banner is for a more professional purpose, then you may want to stick with black font, but you can add a splash of colour or pattern to make it pop. A well-designed banner with eye-catching detail or colour is sure to grab your audience’s attention.

3. Explore your Options

What do you envision when you think of a banner? A sign that is hung from the ceiling in a hall? Or hung on the fencing around a baseball diamond? Or from a post on the street? Sure, these are classic, horizontal banners. But these aren’t the only banners that you can have designed for you. For example, there are vertical banners that come with their own stands. Such a banner would be perfect for a trade show, so before you make up your mind for one type of banner, why not talk to a sign and graphics company about all your banner design options?

4. Choose the Right Sign Company to Design your Banner

You can’t get the best banner for your event if you don’t work with the best sign and graphics company to design your banner. The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur Inc. has the knowledge, skills and equipment to create high-quality, eye-catching, and durable banners for Toronto-based companies and events. We do it all with exceptional customer service. To learn about all your banner options for your GTA company or event, please contact us.

FAQs on Banner Design

1. Do the Custom Banners Come with Grommets? If So, Can I Order More for My Signage?

Our custom banners come with grommets installed every three to four feet to ensure they can be hung securely. You can add more grommets to your banner design or modify their placement by adding special instructions to your order.

2. Are Banners Waterproof? How Long Will They Last?

All of our custom vinyl banners are waterproof. They also resist snow and ice. With proper care, one of our custom banners could last for several years.

3. Do You Make Double-Sided Banners?

Yes! You can specify that you want a double-sided banner when you place your order. Double-sided banners are great for creating displays that can be viewed from multiple angles. If you’re going to hang your banner from the ceiling or stretch it across a path or roadway, double-sided is the way to go.

4. How Do I Know What Size Banner to Get?

In general, the farther your viewers will be from your banner when they see it, the bigger it will need to be. If you’re not sure, ask our experts. We’ll help you figure out what you need based on where you want your banner to go.

5. Who Could Benefit from Customized Banner Printing?

Almost any business can benefit from custom vinyl banners. Some common examples of businesses that use banners include:

  • Businesses attending trade show events
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Retail shops
  • Charities
  • Municipalities
  • Organizations promoting special events
  • Sports sponsors

6. Do Vinyl Banners Fade in the Sun?

Yes, vinyl banners can fade in the sun. However, this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of exposure to UV rays to make a noticeable difference to your banner’s vibrancy. If you want to keep your banner looking fresh and bright, put it away in a shaded place when it’s not in use.

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