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How to Customize Your Banner

How to Customize Your Banner

If you are planning to attend some trade shows or have a grand opening or you want to advertise your business, a custom banner is an excellent option.

Banners are typically lightweight, easily maneuverable and are easier to transport than other types of signs.  Custom banners can be mounted in many different ways which make them very versatile. Banners are also inexpensive relative to other sign options. Discuss what you are using your banner for with your sign manufacturer so the banner can be customized perfectly to suit the space in which you intend to use it. You can hang custom banners from walls or on building facades or you can have a stand up banner.There is little that you can’t do with a banner, but there are some key things to consider when designing your banner.

  • Graphics –Including graphics on your banner is a great idea, but you need to be careful not to have too many graphics that will distract the audience and confuse the message. Instead, choose a simple, bold and clear graphic that represents your business. The colours in your graphic should also tie in to your brand.
  • Text –The text you choose for your banner should be easy to read. You can have a short headline that can be in a larger font size that can easily be seen. Too much text on a banner is distracting.  We all know that most people only spend a few seconds looking at a banner, so make sure your key messages are contained in short, precise sentences. Use bullet points to stay on point!
  • Background Colour –White space is very important on your custom banners. This allows the most important messages like your headline or graphic image to stand out.  So, make sure your banner has plenty of white space.
  • Brand – Your brand should be consistent across all your advertising and your custom banner is no exception. Ensure your brand identity is clear and recognizable.  This gives your company the professional image. Remember to include your logo on your banner as well.
  • Website – Your website has much more information about your company and having it on your banner is a good idea. If customers like what they see on your banner and they want to learn more they can always visit your website, so having the website on your banner is a good reminder that people can also visit you online.  Same goes for your social media sites.  Space permitting show which sites you are active on by having the logos on your banner.

Designing a Personalized Banner to Attract New Business

The right banner can do wonders for securing new business. Follow the banner design principles below to create a custom sign that will make your prospective customers stop and take notice.

Write Engaging Copy

Banners are primarily visual advertising mediums. Any text that is printed on them must be very succinct and chosen with a specific purpose in mind. Think about what you want people who see your banner to do when they read it. This may be to shop in your store, call for more information, take advantage of a specific deal, or simply remember your name. Communicate that information with as few words as possible to grab your viewers’ attention and ensure they understand what you are trying to tell them.

Use High-Quality Image Files

Banners and other signs are often quite large, so any design printed on them will be magnified compared to what you see on your computer screen. If the images and graphic files you use on your signs are low-quality, the result will be pixelated and unpleasant looking.

Use images with a large file size that can be easily blown up as large as you need them to be. Vector files ensure that your graphics are always scalable for any project, so consider using them for your future graphic needs to eliminate the problem for non-photo images.

Balance Colour and Images

Too much visual input can quickly overwhelm the viewer and distract from the message you are trying to send. It is best to choose either colour or images as a focus for your banner, depending on your needs.

Most businesses will do well with simple, colour-focused signs that cleanly display their company information and underscore their branding message. If you want to highlight a few high-quality images of your products, stick to neutral colour schemes, especially white. This way, neither element is competing with the other.

Decide on Your Placement

Where are you going to place your banner when it is done? This may sound like a detail that should be worked out after you have finalized the design, but there are a few points to consider depending on your answer.

For instance, a banner that will be displayed outside of your front door does not need to include your street address since the viewer will have already found your physical location. Information such as your phone number, website, or email address might be more useful since these will give passers-by a way to contact you later if they choose. You can also use the space to advertise new products or promotions instead.

Perfect the Details

Once everything else is done, it is time to put the finishing touches on your banner design. Give your text one last look to ensure everything is spelled correctly, reads well, and has proper spacing between each character, also known as kerning. Step back and look at your images and determine if they are placed correctly or if they would look better in a different position. If you can, get an outsider to look at your banner design and see what they think. They may notice something critical that you have overlooked.

Custom Banner Design & Printing in Toronto

The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is the place to go for banner printing in Toronto. We design and create impactful signs that help you get your company’s name out there, including high-quality trade show banners that can be used again and again as you travel to different events. A well-designed custom banner could be just the thing you need to help your business make its mark. Call us today at 905-670-0797 or use our online form to request a quote for your custom banner printing needs.

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