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5 Things to Know About Custom Wall Graphics

5 Things to Know About Custom Wall Graphics

Custom wall graphics can be a great way to market your business, advertise specific products or services, promote your brand, provide wayfinding or directional signage, or just to create an atmosphere. Custom wall graphics can benefit countless businesses and organizations (as well as homes) all over the Greater Toronto Area. But this is not to say that any wall graphic is a good one. You need the right wall graphic for you. Here are five things you should know about custom wall graphics.

1. Custom wall graphics don’t have to be complex

Your “real estate” is limited and space is at a premium for a lot of businesses in Toronto. You don’t always have space to set up a freestanding sign. In such cases, wall graphics can be a great solution. Wall graphics are a contemporary way to provide wayfinding signage to staff and guests on your premises.

2. Decals and stickers as wall graphics

Smaller forms of wall graphics often come in the form of stickers; vinyl decals for example. Now, these are not the stickers you got as a kid from your third-grade teacher because you did such a good job on your multiplication tables. These are high quality vinyl decals that can direct people around your business, convey short promotional messages, or create a fun and unique atmosphere.

3. Wallpaper as wall graphics

When you want to cover an entire wall, decals won’t do, but wallpaper will. We’re not talking about the old, yellowed wallpaper that your grandmother installed in her apartment in 1977. We mean sharp looking, high quality digitally printed wallpapers. Wallpapers like this are great for creating an effect and setting a scene.

4. Wall murals as wall graphics

If you want to cover a wall from the floor to the ceiling but would rather not use wallpaper, you can still use a wall mural. Wall murals a great, bold way of printing a linear scene on your wall. Wall murals can also be used outside.

5. Custom wall graphics are CUSTOMIZED

There’s not a lot you can’t do with custom wall graphics. After all, the wall graphics are custom made for you. Do you want a fun and space-efficient way to provide directions to the restrooms, stairwells, and different rooms in your Mississauga office? Custom wall graphics can do that. Do you want an image of the Toronto skyline printed on the wall of your Toronto boardroom? Custom wall graphics can do that. Do you want a fun mural to entertain and calm the children at your dental office in Woodbridge? Custom wall graphics can– well, you get the point by now.

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