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How to Use Wall Coverings

How to Use Wall Coverings

Wall coverings have many uses. You can use them to improve the décor of a room or to convey a message in a building. You can use wall coverings to promote or advertise something and also to cover cracks or holes in your wall at the same time! It’s really up to you. But with so many possible uses of wall coverings –and with so many different types of wall coverings– it can be tough to know what to choose. This article will go over some pointers on how best to use wall coverings.

Indoor uses for Wall Coverings

Most, but certainly not all, wall coverings are used indoors. Their uses can be practical, atmospheric, or promotional. In truth, there’s not a lot that you can’t do with wall coverings. There are two main types of wall coverings:

  • Wall MuralsA wall mural is a type of wall covering that depicts a scene of some sort. The most common type of wall mural depicts a linear scene providing floor to ceiling coverage.
  • Wall GraphicsWall graphics are another type of wall covering. Wall graphics are typically used for guidance. This type of wall covering is quite a contemporary method to help people find their way through large buildings and the conferences and events held in such buildings. But that’s not all. Wall graphics can also be used as trendy images to make your interior look good. They can be used as effectively as wall murals to add to the appearance of your business.

Uses for Wall Coverings

But how best to use wall coverings? Well, let’s say that you want to create an under-the-sea scene or maybe a mountainous landscape. Either type of wall covering could be used for this purpose. While wall murals cover the entire wall, graphics are single pieces that do not normally cover the entirety of a wall. In this regard, the choice between the two is how you want to use the space. Do you like a more sparse and minimalistic look to your wall coverings, or do you want to go all out? Murals can also be used to create a three-dimensional effect because of their texture while this might not be possible with wall graphics. What you should choose depends on the kind of effect you are looking to create.

Exterior Wall Coverings

Exterior wall coverings are different in their nature and uses. If you are using a wall covering for your building’s exterior, it can make you stand out from the surrounding buildings and can give you a distinct identity. People will always remember your place of business as, “the one with the cool mural”. But keep in mind that exterior wall coverings have to withstand the elements. For an exterior wall covering, make sure you are using high quality, weather-resistant material and print because if you don’t your sign might peel and fade prematurely.

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