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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Vehicle wraps are a common, highly effective, and cost-efficient medium for reaching your target market. The technology to create the wraps has come a long way and now offers more options and greater efficiencies than ever before. Even with the new possibilities, designing a unique and impactful car wrap in Toronto for your fleet is not always so straightforward.

Creating a great and impactful vehicle wrap requires you to consider many technical and aesthetic aspects. Otherwise, it can end up being just another of the thousands of wraps people encounter throughout the day. How can you stand out, be professional, communicate effectively, and ensure your vehicles are memorable? Below are some valuable tips to help you.

Tips to Get the Perfect Car, Truck and Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Accurate Measurement of the Vehicle

Before you can start designing your car wrap, it is important to take accurate measurements of your vehicle.

  • Take photos of each side.
  • Measure the sides, roof, hood, rear, and bumpers.
  • Making sure you note small details such as door handles, rivets, hinges, vents, etc.

Complete and thorough measurements and images will give you a clearer view of how the ad will look and feel on the vehicle and the best place to put it.

Brand & Market Needs

It is essential that your vehicle wrap design is in sync with your brand message. Every element, including images, colour, and typeface, should send the right signal to your target market. To be sure that the wrap conveys your brand message, write a sentence or two that explains what you want to say, and re-read it when the design is ready. Is the wrap in sync with your brand message? Remember that your car wrap design should build and reinforce your brand’s established messaging and imagery.

Check Out Competitor Wraps

Your target customer will encounter thousands of adverts, particularly vehicle wraps, in a day. If your vehicle wrap does not stand out, you will not achieve the desired results. To stand out, you need to be different from your competitors. Study your competitor’s wraps to see what you like and what is working, and come up with a design that is relatable yet unique and exciting.

Use Bright Colours

The value and power of colour in evoking emotions is unmatched in car wrap designs. It’s important to keep in mind that many colours are associated with specific emotions. For example, red can suggest passion, green can feel fresh, and yellow conveys happiness and cheer. When choosing colours, select those that will express the right emotions to match your brand message. Additionally, keep in mind that bright colours work well with vehicle wraps as they are more visible from a distance, generating more exposure.

Bold Lettering

For your wrap to generate the impact you are hoping for, it needs to be seen under different conditions. Having bold lettering makes the design visible from far away and captures the attention of motorists. Although hand lettering can create a feeling of excitement and fun, using a convectional typeface that is big and bold makes the design memorable. Whatever typeface you choose, be sure it is easily legible.

Bold, Elaborate Design

Typically, truck wraps cover the entire surface of the vehicle. In this case, focus on creating a bold and attractive design with larger images and graphics. However, make sure that you leave enough blank space so that viewers can be drawn to the main message without overcrowding the ad space. Create a visual experience for your target audience with big lettering, images, and typeface.

Suitable Illustrations & Graphics

Unlike other ads that use conventional images of products to pass a message, vehicle wraps tend to use illustrations and graphics. They are more exciting and easier to identify from a distance. Make use of vehicle graphics and illustrations to highlight key features of your products or services.

Consider the Finished Look

Your design should look great and consistent from all angles, even when moving. Observe how the design looks while the vehicle is in motion, parked at a corner, with the doors open, and more to ensure it looks great in all situations. Check that no text is cut off and that the message remains consistent.

Avoid Overcrowding

When it comes to designing the perfect car wrap in Toronto, less is often more. Most people will only see the wrap in passing and will not have time to read every detail, so it helps to avoid using too many images, styles, colours, and other elements. Although the vehicle wrap needs to be colourful and eye-catching, it should not be overcrowded. Keep the design bold but simple and avoid clutter to be sure your message will stand out.

Placement of the Graphics

The placement of the car wrap also plays a significant role in determining how the ad will be perceived. You want to place the key message where it is unmissable. This will help ensure that you are sending the right message and the ad is clear. Be sure to note any areas on your vehicle that cannot be wrapped, such as bumpers, mirrors, and plastic elements, so you know where you can place the graphic.

We Can Help Ensure You Get the Perfect Vehicle Wrap & Graphics

When looking for the best car wrap design in Toronto for your vehicle, start by making your brand message as clear as possible. This will help ensure that your car wrap and other business signs convey your brand message concisely and effectively. Keep in mind that bright colours and bold lettering will help you quickly grab attention and stand out.

At The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur, we have some of the leading signage experts ready to help you create unique vehicle wraps, boost your brand awareness, and enjoy the maximum return you’re your investment. If you want to have the best car wrap in Toronto for your business, contact us today by calling 905-670-0797 and let us help you get started.


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