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Considerations When Choosing Custom Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

eye-catching vehicle wraps in Toronto

If you are thinking about getting vehicle wraps for your Toronto fleet, it is important that you understand the ins and outs of what is involved so you can make the right choice for your business. So, how do you choose the right wraps for your c?
Start with the following key factors:

  • What impact will vehicle wraps have on your fleet?
  • What vehicle wraps and graphics are available?
  • What is the cost?
  • How long will they last?
  • How do you choose the right supplier to install your vehicle wraps in Toronto?

What Impact Do Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Have on a Company’s Fleet?

Having wraps on your company’s vehicles turns them into mobile billboards. With every kilometre that each vehicle goes, you will be making impressions on and communicating with potential new customers.

A survey conducted by RYP and Becker Group found that

  • 98% of respondents got a positive image of the advertiser through vehicle graphics
  • Images and messages on a truck or car can create a 97% brand recall rate
  • 96% of people view vehicle wraps as more effective than billboards

Vehicle wraps and graphics have been shown to have unmatched reach and ROI no matter the type or size.

What Vehicle Wraps and Graphics Are Available?

There are several types of wraps designed for any type and size of vehicle. Some of the standard categories include:

Full Vehicle Wraps

A complete vehicle wrap turns your car or truck into a full advertisement powerhouse. They are full colour and fully customizable, allowing you to maximize visibility everywhere you go. Our premium quality, heavy-duty vinyl looks great in all weather conditions and also adds a layer of protection to your vehicle.

Partial Car Wraps

Partial car wraps are ideal when you want to focus on a specific part of your car for promotion. This can include the side panels, hood, bumper, tailgate, or any combination of them. The wrap is applied to complement your vehicle’s natural lines to ensure that it is seamless and attractive. For a person working on a budget, this is a great cost-effective alternative to a full wrap.

Vinyl Graphics

Car vinyl graphics are typically cut into the image or shape you want and are great for business identification and promotion. This allows for increased flexibility as you can add or move the graphics as the needs of your business evolve.

Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnets are a removable option that allows you to advertise your business wherever you go. These are the least labour-intensive options as they can be easily removed, shifted, and replaced.

Perforated Window Film

This show-stopping finish of a vehicle wrap can be printed with your logo or corporate message. It takes your vehicle wrap to the next level while also offering privacy and visibility to the vehicle’s occupants.

Professional Wraps for All Vehicle Types

  • Boat Wraps
  • Car Wraps
  • Bus Wraps
  • Trailer Wraps
  • Truck Wraps
  • Fleet Wraps
  • Van Wraps
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Vehicle Magnets
  • Vehicle Lettering
  • Vehicle Window Film

Advertise Your Company in the Most Cost-Effective Way Possible

If you are considering vehicle wraps or graphics, it is pertinent that you work with a reliable provider with the necessary experience. This will ensure that that you get vehicle graphics that are both beautiful and long-lasting. With close to 20 years in the industry, The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur can turn your vehicles into a rolling billboard at a significantly lower cost than traditional print advertising. We have a wide range of custom vehicle graphics, catering to vehicles of all sizes and types to ensure maximum visibility.

Promotional Car, Truck & Trailer Wraps

Businesses of all kinds and sizes can greatly benefit from promotional car wraps. You can generate publicity, draw attention to your brand, and promote your business while driving around as you would normally. Our vehicle wraps help protect the paint underneath, grab attention, and communicate important business information to the community regarding what you do and where they can find you.

Cost-Effective Designs to Get Your Fleet Noticed

Having eye-catching vehicle wraps in Toronto is part of creating strong brand-customer connections and ensuring you stand out. With great designs and superior quality materials, vehicle wraps can generate brand identity and help customers develop familiarity with your brand. This can eventually lead to them become loyal customers.

Designing Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Less Is More

When it comes to vehicle graphics, an eye-catching yet simple design makes the best impression. Only include what is necessary in the text, such as company name, services, tagline, and contact information.

Include Your Logo

Ensure your logo is prominent in your design. Potential customers are more likely to associate your business with your logo than anything else.

Add Your Website

Some people are more likely to remember a website than a phone number or wish to check you out online before contacting you. Adding a website to the design will ensure you don’t lose out on a possible customer.

Our Fleet Wrap Types

Spot Graphics

Simple and to the point, typically including a logo, website, and phone number.

Partial Fleet Wraps

Cover a portion of the vehicle and allow for more flexibility in design than a spot graphic.

Full Fleet Wraps

Cover the whole vehicle and allow for the most creativity and flexibility in design and message.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping


During our free consultation, our staff explore your need for wraps, the types of vehicles you have, your promotional and visibility goals, and your ideas. We then come up with recommendations.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers create a sample of the design according to your needs and goals for your approval.


Once the design has been finalized, we fabricate the individual elements of the wrap or graphic.


A team of professional installers expertly applies the wraps on your vehicles.

Your Designs, Perfected

We provide full design services for your vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics in Toronto. Our experts will work with your ideas and vision to create the perfect wraps for your vehicles.

How Do You Choose the Right Supplier?

Working with an experienced provider is just as important, if not more so, than having a great design. Ensure your provider:

  • Has a track record of delivering vehicle wraps accurately and quickly. Ask them for examples of work they’ve done.
  • Offers a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Has testimonials from satisfied customers on similar projects
  • Has the technical and design know-how to guarantee flawless results

Ensure Your Toronto Company Gets Noticed with High-Quality Vehicle Wraps

At The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur, we specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of high quality, durable and eye-catching vehicle wraps in Toronto, including custom trailer and fleet wraps. We have the skills, resources, technology and expertise to help you reach your promotional and visibility objectives with our standout vehicle wraps. Contact us today to get started or to learn more.

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