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Factors That Affect Car or Fleet Wrap Pricing

Car and fleet wraps are one of the best ways to get impressions on your business and brand. Although their effect might seem intangible or unmeasurable, independent studies have shown that one branded car receives thousands of views weekly, thereby generating impressions that allow businesses to get and keep viewers’ attention. You can reliably track how many impressions each car is generating, how effective the wrap is in communicating your brand identity, and how this channel is complementing other forms of marketing.

Although vehicle wraps such as custom vinyl stickers are a onetime investment, there are still a lot of grey areas regarding pricing and whether it is worth the investments. Therefore, here are factors that determine car wrapping prices.

  • Full or Partial Wrap –  Understandably, if less vinyl material is used, you will pay less for your custom vinyl stickers. Therefore, businesses that are conscious about cost may decide to go with a partial wrap, which equally grabs the viewers’ attention depending on the effectiveness of the design.
  • Graphic Design – The most important factor in creating a successful mobile advertising campaign is having an eye-catching design. Print shops and graphic designers often bill by the hour and schedule time to ensure they create the best results. Bad design can undo the whole purpose of mobile advertising. It can also harm your reputation and impact your brand negatively. Because of this, it is recommended that you allocate a healthy budget to the creative process.
  • Materials Used –  Like in every industry, there are different grades of material. You can opt to go for simple vinyl for your custom vinyl stickers or go for the high-performance materials from industry leaders. Many of the leading manufacturers offer and honour warranties up to 7 years, provided the car or fleet is driven in normal conditions. That is a lot of value for a one-time investment.
  • Size of The Vehicle/Fleet – Understandably, the bigger the car or fleet, the more it will cost you. This is tied to the amount of material to be used, time invested and design. Many providers will bill you according to the square footage of material that is used.

Having vehicle wraps that advertise your business is like having multiple mobile billboards in your area of operation. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to interrupt your normal business operations. For landscaping companies, in particular, they have ample time to update their signage during the winter in preparation for the busy months ahead. Additionally, business decals such as custom vinyl stickers continue to bring value to a business long after their installation.

Reasons Why Business Advertising Wraps Are Worth It in The Long Run

  • Brings Many Impressions per Day – Business advertising wraps can be the most efficient and effective form of out of home advertising. Studies show that a single-vehicle with business decals such as custom vinyl stickers in Toronto can receive between 30 to 40 thousand impressions per day. Given all this exposure, business advertising wraps deliver value at a surprisingly low cost. You only pay around 4 cents per thousands of impressions. In comparison to newspaper ads, which average at $19.70 cost per mille (CPM), business decals are more cost-friendly.
  • Higher Resale Value – A full car vinyl wrap can act as a screen protector for your car, protecting the finish from dings, sun damage, scratches and other minor damages. If you need to update your fleet in the future, all you have to do is remove the wrap with a heat gun, and the finish underneath will be as good as new, thereby increasing the resale value.
  • Painting is More Expensive – Painting is a long-term alternative to car wraps. However, it is exorbitantly expensive and unnecessarily long-lasting, which does not offer more benefits to mobile advertising. A typical vinyl wrap lasts 4-10 years and can be easily replaced. While both options will have the same effect on passersby, a vinyl wrap is more flexible to your always-evolving business needs.

Get Your Vehicles Wrapped with The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur

Getting your brand out there in the right way with professionally designed and installed custom vinyl stickers can turn your car or fleet into 24/7 billboards on wheels. Contact us today for more information on vehicle wraps and graphics for advertisement. You can reach us by phone at 905-670-0797 or request a quote online.



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