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Everything You Should Know About Custom Decals for Vehicles

Custom Decals in Canada

If you’re looking for a new way to promote your small business, custom car decals might be just what you need. These simple stickers can be extremely effective advertising tools if you know how to use them. Keep reading to learn more about vinyl sticker printing in Toronto and how you can make the most of this underrated form of advertising.

Why Invest in Car Sticker Printing?

Custom car decals are one of the most cost-effective advertising channels around. For much less than the cost of a custom paint job, you can get crisp custom vinyl graphics installed on your vehicle. Your audience will see these graphics when you drive your car around town, potentially getting them to check out your business.

Custom vinyl decals are durable, too. A decal made by car decal printing experts can easily last ten years or more. Decals even protect your car from dirt, chemicals, and liquids that could cause it to rust.

Different Types of Car Decals

  • Magnetic Car Signs. Magnetic car signs are vinyl signs attached to a high-strength magnetic backing. These signs can be removed and replaced at will, giving you more flexibility than a traditional vinyl decal.
  • Opaque Car Decals. Opaque car decals have a solid border around them. These decals work best when the border’s colours contrast with the car’s paint, making the decal’s message stand out.
  • Clear Car Decals. Clear car decals are see-through around the edges. These decals give your car a polished modern look and last just as long as their opaque counterparts.
  • Window Decals. Window decals are smaller-sized versions of full car decals. They’re great for displaying simple graphics like your business’ logo.
  • Bumper Stickers. Bumper stickers get the attention of all of the motorists behind you, so they’re excellent marketing tools. Add some to your fleet or give them away to customers for free advertising!
  • Vehicle Lettering. Vehicle lettering is a type of words-only vinyl signage. You can use it to spell out your company’s name, phone number, and address to quickly spread the word about what you have to offer. Choose simple fonts that are easy to read over elaborate ones that your audience might not be able to parse.

Choose Your Design

After you’ve decided which type of decal you want for your custom sticker printing in Toronto, it’s time to work on the design. Consider the shape of the decal as well as what’s printed on it. Fun novelty shapes or smooth and stylish curved shapes are great for grabbing attention, but they may clash with your business’ brand aesthetics. Sometimes a simple rectangle really is the best option.

As for the design itself, you’ll want to use high-quality image files that won’t look pixelated when they’re printed. Keep your design in line with your brand’s colours, fonts, and overall messaging. If you need some help, your friendly local print shop’s design team is always here to assist.

The Perfect Placement

Placing your car decal in just the right spot will have a huge impact on its effectiveness as an advertising tool. Here are a few common areas where you might place a decal or two.


Windshield decals are often used for official purposes such as licensing and identification. They impart a sense of professionalism and status that can be very beneficial in high-stakes industries like security.

Rear Windows

Rear windows are the best place to put a decal that you want everyone to notice. This location isn’t obscured when you park, allowing the decals you put here to remain visible almost all the time.


Car doors have a lot of empty space, so they’re perfect for large decals that won’t fit anywhere else. Just make sure you stay away from the seams! Placing a decal over an area where the door will open and close will tear the decal and spoil its effect.


Windows are a good spot for clear decals that will stand out against the clear background. Keep your decals on the smaller side and place them in corners so you’ll still be able to see outside.

Bumpers and Fenders

Bumper decals are usually simple and to the point, sending a clear message to onlookers. Use this spot for decals with quotes, your company slogan, or other written information.

Gas Tanks

The gas tank of a car has very little room for decals and doesn’t offer the best visibility. However, motorcycle gas tanks are much larger and easily draw the eye, making them prime real estate for advertising decals.

Application Considerations

Follow the steps below to apply a new decal to your vehicle.

  • Clean the car’s surface with soap and water. Wash off all soap residue and dry the car with a clean microfibre cloth.
  • Use some tape to create a rough outline of the area where you want to place your decal.
  • Peel the decal’s adhesive backing off, taking care to keep it from folding over onto itself.
  • Hold the decal tightly and press it into place against your car’s surface. Use a credit card to smooth over any folds or bubbles under its surface.
  • Wait 30 minutes for the decal to dry.
  • Gently remove the transfer tape from the top of the decal. If it looks like the vinyl may not stay stuck to your car, smooth the tape back over the vinyl and try again in a few minutes.

Interesting Uses of Custom Decals for Your Car

  • 1. Display Your Business. Dressing up your vehicle with a custom vinyl decal bearing your website’s name and logo will turn your car into a moving advertisement that works to get your message out 24 hours a day.
  • 2. Voice Your Personal Message. Some people use car decals to express themselves to others, displaying sayings and images that speak to them in the moment.
  • 3. Show Off What Matters Most to You. Many people enjoy using car decals to represent their family members, especially those who often ride in the car. If you’re concerned about your family’s privacy, you can also use decals to show off your hobbies.
  • 4. Hand Them Out as Gifts. Car stickers in Toronto are inexpensive and make great giveaway items for businesses. At least some of your customers will probably apply the decal to their car, giving you more free advertising.
  • 5. They’re Really Versatile. Car decals are durable and waterproof, so they can be used in many different places beyond just your car. Stick them to your windows, your mailbox, your floor, or any other surface that you think could use some additional branding punch.

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Get Custom Decals in Canada at Our Print Shop

Custom decals and car stickers offer so much decorative and advertising potential for such a small investment – there’s no reason not to give them a try. Sign & Graphics Manufatur will help you design and print all the car decals you need to give this underrated marketing strategy a try. Contact us today to place your order and get started!

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