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How to Choose the Best Storefront Sign for Your Business

Selecting the Best Storefront Sign for Your Business

Storefront signs are one of the most important factors customers consider when forming their first impressions of a business. Not only do they represent your brand, but they also play a key role in increasing your company’s visibility in your local community.

If your business doesn’t have a storefront sign yet, it’s time to get one. In this post, we’ll describe eight of our most popular types of storefront signage and tell you how you can get a professionally made business sign of your own.

8 Different Types of Store Signs

1. Fabric Storefront Signs

Fabric storefront signs are signs constructed from durable fabrics like nylon or vinyl. They are inexpensive and easy to produce, but they also wear down more quickly over time than signs made of hard materials like plastic or metal. That said, you should still be able to get 5 to 10 years of use out of them if they are well cared for. Since they are relatively inexpensive, they are a great way to change up your company’s messaging with new sign designs as needed.

Fabric storefront signs are excellent for businesses with low budgets or temporary locations, such as pop-up shops in malls. They are also frequently used to advertise special promotions, especially when those promotions are a rotating yearly event that allows the signage to be used repeatedly.

2. Wood Store Signs

Wood store signs are built using flat wooden slats that are glued or nailed together and coated with a weather-resistant outdoor finish. They may be made of any type of wood, including pine, cedar, oak, ash, walnut, mahogany, and more.

Wood store signs are not very common, so they are great for making your business stand out. They instantly give stores an enticing old-fashioned feel that can be very helpful in attracting interested customers. Depending on the wood you choose, they can be relatively inexpensive. They also last a long time and are highly resistant to damage.

3. Screen Printed Window Storefront Signs

Screen printed window signs are large stickers displayed in your store’s front window. They are more versatile than other types of signs and can be used to create bright, crisp, colourful graphic displays that never fail to draw attention to your store. They can also be used as secondary signs alongside a different type of storefront signage.

Screen printed window signs take up a lot of your window space, so using them limits your ability to show off your products. You also need to have a lot of window space in the first place, which makes this type of sign tricky for some businesses to use. However, they are very affordable and make a big impact on the viewer, making them a solid choice for companies with enough exterior glass.

4. Metal Sign Boards for Stores

Metal sign boards are simple sheets of metal with designs and lettering punched or laser cut into them. They are often displayed hanging off the side of a building and over the street, but they can also be placed over doorways and against exterior walls.

Metal signs have a sleek modern appearance that makes your business feel novel and cutting-edge. They can be expensive if you’re looking for a particularly large sign or want to use a detailed sign design, though. It’s also important to look out for traces of rust on these signs, as it can develop quickly with any metal exposed to the elements.

5. Logo and Lettering Storefront Signs

Logo and lettering signs display the name and logo of your store using large individual letters arranged on your exterior wall. These signs are typically made from metal or plastic and can be backlit to produce an eye-catching upscale effect that makes it easy for viewers to see your sign at night.

Logo and lettering signs instantly give stores a high-end look that customers love. However, they are expensive to produce and install. They also require a bit more maintenance than most signs because you need to consider the light source behind them.

6. Awning Store Signs

These are fabric awnings displayed outside a store printed with the company’s name or logo. They used to be made exclusively from canvas, but awnings made from synthetic fabric are becoming increasingly common due to their superior durability.

Awning signs are distinctive and beautiful, and they serve an additional purpose by providing customers with some shade from the sun. They are also costly, do not always last very long, and require professional installation. They are best suited to businesses that can make the most of their customer service potential, such as stores that often have long lines during the warm summer months.

7. LED Backlit Signs

LED backlit signs are made by stretching fabric or vinyl over an LED lightbox to create a backlit effect. If the sign is going to be displayed outdoors, a piece of plastic might be used to cover the front of the sign and keep it safe from the elements.

LED backlit signs are moderately expensive, but since they are one of the best options for keeping your business visible at night, the investment is worth it. These signs are used for all types of stores, including strip mall shops and standalone locations. They are a solid choice for any business.

8. Digital Signage for Stores

Digital signs are large screens that are used to display text or a design. These signs are entirely digital, so they have fewer limitations than other types. They can use moving text, rotating pictures, and even interactive elements like simple touchscreen games to draw in an audience. It is also extremely easy to change the look of a digital sign whenever you want by updating the display queue with your new sign design.

Unfortunately, digital signage also requires a high up-front investment and ongoing electricity use, so it isn’t always as cost-effective as you might expect. These signs are best for stores that want to project a modern image or that frequently change their signage. Stores that need to display lots of information at once (like a menu or schedule) will also appreciate the utility of digital signs.

Choosing the Perfect Store Sign for Your Business

Are you almost ready to commission a sign for your storefront? Make sure you follow the four steps below first.

1. Know the Costs

It doesn’t matter how much you love the idea of putting up a particular type of sign in front of your store – if you can’t afford it, it isn’t an option. Research the cost of different types of signs and see which ones you can realistically fit into your budget. Remember to factor in both fabrication costs and sign installation fees. If your dream sign is too expensive for you right now, you can always upgrade your sign later when your budget has more room for it.

2. Select the Perfect Design

A good sign is simple, easy to read, and tells the viewer exactly what they can expect from your business. Words, short phrases, logos, and other graphics can all play a part in communicating this message. If you aren’t sure if you can come up with a winning design on your own, remember that you can always ask for professional advice. Sign makers can help you settle on a design that you will be happy with for years to come, saving you the expense of replacing your sign when the design starts to show its age.

3. Follow Local Rules and Regulations

Toronto has several bylaws that restrict the use of publicly displayed business signs. If you want to put up a new sign, you will need to follow all the rules regarding sign design and placement. You may also need to apply for a municipal sign permit. Look into the requirements and make sure your new sign is fully legal before you place an order with a sign manufacturer.

4. Choose the Perfect Sign Shop

When you’re ready to put up your business sign, place your order with a reputable local sign shop. Look for a shop that will answer all your questions about storefront signs and guide you through the process of creating your own. Their expert advice should make this process easy for you and help you feel confident in the decisions you make.

For Quality Store Signage, Visit The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur

Your storefront is not complete without a sign to let your community know you’re there. Getting your business noticed is easy with a durable, high-quality sign from The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur. We provide sign design, manufacturing, and installation services for Toronto storefronts in all industries. No matter which type of sign you’re interested in, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today at 905-670-0797 or use our online form to request a quote for your store’s stunning new sign.


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