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A Business Owner’s Guide to LED Display Signs

LED Display Signs

Digital displays are one of the most popular advertising channels for small businesses, and LED displays are the best option available. These versatile signs make it easy for you to promote new products and services, spread the word about new sales and discounts, or communicate key business information to your customers. Learn more about what LED signs are and how you can use them to give your business a boost in our post below.

What is an LED Display?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. An LED sign is made up of hundreds of tiny bulbs that give off as low but highly consistent light.

LED technology uses less energy than most other digital signs and is more reliable in the long term, making it the ideal choice for business owners installing digital signs today. Signs made with this type of lighting are less expensive to operate and are better for the environment too.

Indoor vs. Outdoor LED Displays

LED signs can be used both indoors and outdoors, but it’s important to know where you plan to place your sign before you order it. LED displays must be made to suit the demands of their environment.

For instance, indoor LED screens don’t need to withstand moisture and extreme temperatures. This allows them to incorporate more advanced features, including touchscreens. They also tend to be smaller because people will usually be looking at them up close.

On the other hand, outdoor LED screens need to be hardy enough to last through the hottest summer days and the worst winter storms. They must be made from materials that can stand up to these conditions and still look great. They’re also usually much bigger than indoor signs, so people can easily see them at a distance.

Use of LED Display in Signage

There are four main types of LED displays used for signage purposes.

  • Full Colour LED. Full colour LED signs look a lot like your everyday TV screen. They can show complex images and video clips in crystal-clear resolution and make your business look professional, tech-savvy, and cutting-edge.
  • RGB LED. RGB LED signs display text and images in just three colours – red, green, and blue. They’re great for simpler displays, especially scrolling text with some mild strobing or other graphical flourishes.
  • Monochrome LED. Monochrome LED signs display just one colour. These are the simplest and least expensive signs, but they can still make a big impact when they’re used right.
  • Illuminated or Backlit LED Signs. LED lights can also be used to illuminate posters, vinyl prints, channel lettering, and more from behind. This gives LED backlit signs a soft yet eye-catching glow that helps them stand out just as well at night as they do in the day.

Different Types of LED Display Signs

LED displays can be used to create many different types of signs, including:

  • Video Display Screens. Advanced LED signs can display video content like animations, graphics, and promotional shorts. This is the most popular and versatile type of signage, allowing you to easily display anything you can think of.
  • Tri-Colour LED Signs. Tri-colour LED signs use nothing but red, green, and yellow. You can use these signs to display simple graphics and messages.
  • Digital Menu Boards. Restaurants that change their menu frequently can use LED signs to easily keep their signage up to date with their current offerings.
  • Wayfinding Boards. LED signs can be used to provide directions around an area. Since they can be changed at a moment’s notice, they’re perfect for businesses whose location or layout changes often.
  • LED Lightbox Signs and Cabinets. LED-lit lightboxes are made from translucent screens stretched out over an illuminated frame. You can use these indoors in a wide variety of environments, including restaurants, shops, and offices.
  • LED Display Flanges. LED flanges are two-sided signboards meant for outdoor display. They come in freestanding and wall-mounted versions and are great for drawing attention from people on busy streets.
  • Liquid Acrylic Signs. Liquid acrylic LED signs are made of plastic and lit from within. You’ll often see them used as storefront signs, each individual letter in the store name standing separate from the rest.
  • LED Neons. LED neon signs look just like the classic glass neons that have played such a big part in branding. They’re much more durable and can be programmed with animations and colour changes for greater visual interest.
  • Resin Signs. Resin LED signs provide a similar 3D effect to acrylic signs but are a bit more delicate. They’re best suited for creating bold, illuminated indoor signs.
  • LED Slim Lights. Slim LED lightboxes are thin backlit frames that are used to hold posters and other small bits of signage. These backlit LED lightboxes are great for drawing attention to the signs they house, especially if the sign contains crisp, high-resolution images that look especially appealing with a soft glow behind them.

Lesser-Known Benefits of LED Signs

There are even more reasons to choose LED signs than most people realize. On top of all the upsides discussed above:

  • They’re Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly. LED signs use less energy than other types of digital signage. If you need your sign to light up but don’t want to harm the planet, LED is the way to go.
  • They Make Content Revisions Easy. Because LED signs are digital, you can quickly edit their content anytime without having to make a whole new sign.
  • They Provide Great Lighting Quality. LED signs are always easy to see, even in dark, crowded places. They also come in every colour of the rainbow, allowing you to keep your branding consistent within your signage.

Get the Quality LED Signs Your Business Deserves

LED light box signs and other LED displays can make a big difference to your company’s bottom line. Invest in professionally made LED signage that will last you through years of rebranding and advertising changes.

The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur makes top-quality, high-resolution LED displays for both indoor and outdoor use. Contact us today at 905-670-0797 or online to request a quote for an LED sign based on your unique needs. We know you’ll love your new high-tech advertising channel.


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