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Six Great Ways to Use Light Boxes

An LED light box sign is one of the most effective forms of advertisement and for a good reason. Light boxes are an innovative and eye-catching way of bringing life to your signage, and it’s no surprise that so many businesses use them. With a creatively designed led light box sign that complements your brand, you can highlight your advertisements, promote offers, and add style to your branding in a productive and engaging manner. There is an unlimited number of ways you can incorporate led light boxes into your business signage, but here are some of the main ways that will give you the best results.

Front of House Signs

Probably the most common place you will find an LED light box sign is at the front of businesses and other establishments. For this particular use, you can have your led light box sign in a wide variety of shapes, and we can help you with a custom design in your preferred measurements.

Although they are referred to as front of the house, they do not necessarily have to be at the front door of the premises. You can place them anywhere you need, ideally in an area with good foot traffic and in direct line of sight. For a business in the basement of a building, a light box at eye level on the front-facing wall with an arrow pointing to your door can grab the attention of those passing by.

Highlight Facilities

Moving to the inside of the premises, most businesses use LED light box signs to illuminate or highlight specific areas or sections of their facilities. For retail shops, these areas could be certain aisles, changing rooms, or product selections. You can also use them in reception lobbies or for direction to areas you think customers will frequently visit. Having an LED light box sign is a fun and funky way to illuminate and highlight important or key areas in your premises.

Get Customers on Social Media

Are you finding it difficult to get customers to join and engage with your social media channels? An LED light box sign is a fun and attention-grabbing way to remind customers of your social media handles and encourage them to engage with you. This also applies to your website. Sometimes all it takes is a well-designed sign to get people to notice your online presence.

Sales and Flashing Light Boxes

If you are running a sale, you will want more people to quickly and easily find where the sale is happening within the shop, bar, or restaurant. An LED light box sign can help you to notify people and increase foot traffic. If they are passing by your store, the sign is the first thing they will see. It will help you gather their attention and interest quickly. It also makes the customer journey easier and fun.

Make It Interesting

LED light box signs can be created in a wide variety of wonderful and unique designs that make great attractions and conversation pieces. If you can imagine it, our team can build it. Most people always have a smartphone on them and are happy to snap selfies and images of fun and interesting things they come across, sharing them with their friends on social media. With an unlimited possibility of the designs you could create, it is possible to create a sign with this effect. If that happens, your business will get seen by those who appreciate your signage.

Successful Businesses Use Backlit Signage

With their proven success rate, it is no surprise that LED light box signs are common in successful businesses such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Malls and retail stores
  • Hotels bars
  • Coffee shops
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Airports
  • Financial institutions
  • Trade shows
  • And many more

Additional Benefits of Adding Backlit LED Light Box Signs to Your Business

An LED Light Box Sign Makes Your Establishment More Visible

Advertisements are meant to be seen. The reason why LED light box signs are so effective is that the human eye is drawn to light, so people will take notice of your sign.

Create A Brand Identity with Illuminated Signs

LED light box signs provide a unique opportunity to increase brand exposure and attract potential customers both day and night by simply adding your branding on your signs.

LED Light Box Signs Make Your Business Look More Professional

With so many businesses to choose from, people tend to gravitate to the most professional one they can find. Your signage is often your first impression, and ensuring they are well designed can be all you need to stand out from the crowd.

Non-Stop Advertising with Light Boxes

An LED light box sign gives your business 24/7 advertising. Even during off-hours, people will be drawn by the light box sign and remember your logo and your brand even after encountering hundreds of other advertisements.

Let Everyone Know You Are There

Before people can find you, they first need to know that you exist. You could have a great location, but if people do not know that you are there, they will not knock on your doors. An LED light box sign is a great location identifier that can instantly grab the attention of those passing by and let them know you’re there.

Leave A Great Impression

People first buy with their eyes. If customers don’t like the appearance of your business, they will most likely not want to shop with you. A well thought out and striking LED light box sign can leave a good impression on your potential customers and make them want to visit.

Light Boxes Provide Double-Sided Visibility

An LED light box sign can be either one or double-sided. This allows you to get double the visibility and impact and have different messages on each side if needed.

Low Cost and Energy Efficient

LED light box signs are a lifetime investment. With the LED light bulbs, the signs last much longer than the previous illuminated signage technology with little maintenance. They also use less power and can help you save on energy costs over their lifetime.

Choosing the Right Light Box with The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur

The right light box is the one that meets the specific needs you have. In addition to finding the right sign, you also need to place it in a great position to have the maximum intended impact. At The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur, we can create LED light box signs to meet your exact requirements and unique needs. Talk to us today about what you need your LED light box sign to do for you, and our team will help you create it.


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