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A Beginner’s Guide to Kiss-Cut Stickers

Guide to Kiss-Cut Stickers

If you’ve been thinking about ordering some custom stickers, you’ve probably noticed that there are different types of stickers available. Kiss-cut stickers are one of those types, but what exactly are kiss-cut stickers? How are they made, and why should you choose them over any other type? Our guide has the answers to all these questions and more.

What Are Kiss-cut Stickers?

Kiss-cut stickers are stickers that have a backing that is larger than the sticker itself. This means that the backing is visible behind the sticker.

Kiss-cut stickers are often left on the basic square- or rectangle-shaped backing, but they can also come on custom-cut backing. As long as you can see the edge of the backing around the edge of the sticker, it’s a kiss-cut.

Kiss-Cut Stickers Have Special Sizing Considerations

Because kiss-cut stickers have two separate parts, some people aren’t sure what size to specify when they order them.

In general, most print shops will print kiss-cut stickers assuming the size that you give them includes the backing. This means that your printed stickers will be smaller than the size you indicated on your order form.

If you want to specify the exact size of both the sticker and the backing, use the instructions box on your order form to make your wishes known. Your printers will be happy to accommodate you as long as your instructions are clear and specific. If you’re not sure how to phrase your request, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

How to Make Kiss-Cut Stickers

Kiss-cut stickers are made using a simple three-step process.

  • First, the design is printed onto sticker material.
  • Next, the sticker and its backing are cut to your desired shapes using a CNC machine.
  • Finally, the sticker is laminated to seal and waterproof the design with a layer of clear vinyl.

Once these three steps are completed, your stickers are ready for distribution or application.

What are the Best Sizes for Kiss-Cut Stickers?

When it comes to stickers, smaller sizes usually work best. Most kiss-cut stickers are around 5 to 10 cm wide, making them perfect for sticking to a variety of items and surfaces.

Your kiss-cut stickers can be whatever size you want them to be. Choose your size based on the complexity of your design and how much surface area you want to cover. Consider your intended application, too: a sticker that you intend to apply to a notebook cover needs to be much smaller than one you plan to place on your car.

The Advantages of Getting Kiss-Cut Stickers

Kiss-cut stickers offer a few unique advantages that other stickers don’t, particularly when they’re being used for advertising purposes.

  • Kiss-Cut Stickers Are Easy to Peel. Because the backing sticks out from around the sticker, you can easily grasp it and pull it away from the sticker.
  • The Border Allows for Extra Branding. Since your sticker’s backing will be visible, you may as well take advantage of that by printing it with your company’s logo or slogan. There’s usually no extra charge for this, and it really helps cement your brand in your customers’ minds.

The Best Uses of Kiss-cut Stickers

Kiss-cuts can be used for any type of sticker, but there are certain advantages to using this type of cut used by your sign company that make it perfect for specific applications.

  • Accommodating Detailed Designs. Kiss-cut stickers give intricate sticker designs extra protection thanks to their backing. Even stickers with lots of cut-out areas or slender offshoots will stay smooth and intact with the paper backing behind them.
  • Creating the Perfect Giveaway Item. If you’ve been thinking about getting some custom stickers to give away to customers at your business, kiss-cut stickers are the way to go. You can use the stickers’ backing for your branding, allowing you to keep the stickers themselves ad-free. This opens up many more design possibilities and will definitely be appreciated by your customers. They’ll be more likely to actually use the stickers, too!

Order Your Kiss-Cut Stickers Today

Kiss-cut stickers are an extremely effective form of advertising, and they’re affordable to boot! If you’re interested in creating custom kiss-cut stickers for your business, contact The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur today. Our team will help you design the perfect CNC cut stickers to help you spread the word about your business.

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