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15 Custom Banner Printing Design Ideas for Your Business

The Right Banner Printing Design Ideas for Your Business

Are your usual posters and newspaper ads not getting your business the same kind of attention they used to? Maybe it’s time to try using banners instead. These large pieces of vinyl or fabric are great for getting people’s attention and can be printed with all kinds of custom designs.

How can you come up with a banner design that will help your business stand out? Try some of these ideas to get started.

Top Custom Banner Printing Ideas to Boost Your Business

1. Choose an Image That Suits Your Business Goals

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s certainly true when it comes to banners. Instead of trying to explain your goals using text, try to find an image that captures those same ideas. Show your audience what you’re all about with an image that says it better than words ever could.

2. Stand Out with Captivating Photos

Photographs are one of the most versatile types of banner images around. No matter what industry your business is in, you can find a simple photo that tells your audience what you do best. Build your banner around this photo to create an immersive experience that helps the viewer better understand your goals and value proposition.

3. Add Effects

Digital effects can completely change the look of a banner image. Whether you want to make your graphics look sharper, softer, or more saturated, modern software can do it with a few clicks. You can also try adding filters and modifying the image to add more visual interest.

4. Experiment with Text Blocks

Text on its own might not show up well on all banner backgrounds. Instead, try placing your text on top of a solid-coloured block graphic. This gives the text some contrast to work off of and draws more attention to the message you are trying to convey.

5. Layer Your Images, Text, and Graphics

Layers are one of the best features of graphic design software. Use them to your advantage by piecing together different visual elements to create a unique banner design. Choose elements that work well with each other to keep the design harmonious. For example, you might keep your photos and graphics within the same colour scheme, visually tying the two together.

6. Use a Photo Collage

A photo collage is a great way to show off different aspects of the same subject. Put the medium to work for your business by splicing together a few photos that you feel represent what you do. You can then add some text and basic graphics to clarify your message and unify the piece.

7. Try a Minimalist Approach

Sometimes, less is more. A minimalist banner can sometimes get a message across more clearly than a busy one stuffed with flashy images. Try putting just your company name or logo on a simple background, such as a solid colour or a basic gradient. You might be surprised how bold and decisive the final product looks!

8. Explore Different Types of Graphics

Photos are great for promotional banners, but they’re not the only option you have. Consider using vectors, illustrations, renderings, and other graphics in some of your banner designs. These alternative visual elements will help your banner stand out in the sea of other photo-realistic advertisements.

9. Center on Your Logo, Motto, or Slogan

You’re using your banner to promote your business, so why not get right to the point? Place your company logo, slogan, or motto in a prominent spot on your banner and build your design around that. Taking inspiration from these branding elements should help you come up with a memorable design that highlights your unique selling points.

10. Promote Yourself with a Self-Portrait

If your business is a personal project that is strongly associated with your name, you can reinforce that connection with a self-portrait banner. Choose a professional shot of yourself that suits the tone you’re going for, be it friendly, capable, serious, artistic, or any other vibe.

11. Repurpose Icons as Graphics

Icons are usually used in utilitarian contexts, but many of them are attractive enough to work well as banner graphics too. They are especially useful on wayfinding banners that you plan to use to mark certain locations inside your business. Think about how clearly a little elevator or door icon communicates what you can expect to find up ahead.

12. Your Message with Text Effects

Text effects are an underrated way to bring some pizzazz to banner copy. Experiment with a few different effects on your favourite graphics program to see which ones produce the most eye-catching final image. You can even layer an image inside your text to create a see-through effect that is sure to capture your customers’ attention.

13. Try Out Some Unique Type Design

Your banner’s text elements don’t always have to be simple and centred. Experiment with different ways of adding text to your design. Layering different sizes of text can add impact to the final product, while placing the text off-centre or on an angle can disrupt the viewer’s expectations and pull more attention to what you’ve written.

14. Use Repetition to Your Advantage

Repetition is an underrated element of design that can be used to underscore the importance of a statement or image. Repeating an element (like an image or a piece of text) creates a pattern in the viewer’s mind. Deviating from that pattern makes the change stand out starkly against the rest of the design.

15. Put the Spotlight on a Quote

Banners are a great place to showcase a quote that tells the viewer what to expect from your company. Choose your font, background, and other graphics carefully to complement the words instead of overwhelming them. You should also make sure your quote can be read easily from a distance. If not, try adding some contrast around the words.

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