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10 Vehicle Wrap Design Ideas

Vehicle Wrap Design Ideas

Fleet wrap graphics are one of the most underrated forms of advertising out there. By placing a well-designed quality vehicle wrap on your business’ vehicles, you can spread the word about your company while going about your usual operations. With so many potential design options, though, it can be hard to pick just one. Here are 10 ideas for vehicle wraps in Toronto to help you promote your business.

10 Popular Vehicle Wraps to Choose From

1. Matte Car Wraps

Matte vehicle wraps dull some of the synthetic shine of most cars to create an appealing smooth look. Different from your standard paint job, matte vehicle wraps cover your car’s surfaces and make it look sleeker and more modern. You can go with a solid colour or add prints, patterns, and graphics to mix things up.

2. Glossy Metallic Truck Wraps

Glossy vinyl vehicle wraps are perfect for creating a beautiful metallic sheen over your car or truck. This type of wrap highlights the shapes and curves of your car without becoming too distracting. It’s both showy and subtle – perfect for advertising purposes.

3. Colour Shift Car Wraps

Colour shift car wraps use stunning iridescent vinyl to turn your car into a veritable chameleon. Your vehicle will always look a little different depending on the angle at which it’s being viewed and the lighting conditions present at the time, always keeping things fresh for your audience.

4. Camouflage Car Wrap Designs

Camouflage designs are popular for clothing, so why not use them on your vehicle wrap? You can go with traditional camo, digital camo, or any other style you prefer for a classically snazzy look. These prints never go out of style!

5. Optical Illusion Car Wraps

If your advertising skews toward the playful side of things, an optical illusion car wrap could be a fun choice. Make it look like something is bursting out of your vehicle’s surfaces, or make the whole vehicle look like a super-sized version of a smaller item, such as a toolbox.

6. Business Van Wraps

Sometimes, the simplest option is the best one. Business van wraps use simple combinations of text and graphics to promote a small company. Add your business name, logo, and address or phone number to turn your vehicle into a moving billboard.

7. Wrap Your Car in Trendy Colors

Stylish, of-the-moment colours will always catch people’s eyes. Use them on your car and truck wraps to effortlessly draw attention to your vehicle and any messaging you display on it. To choose the right colours, look at Pantone’s Colour of the Year listings. This year’s shade is the warm and welcoming Viva Magenta, while last year’s is the much more aloof Very Peri.

8. Cool Off with a Frosty Car Wrap

If your business has anything to do with ice or cold, a car wrap with a frosty ice effect could be a highly impactful marketing tool. These wraps add frost effects to your car’s exterior to make it look like it was caught up in a winter storm. Imagine how much that would stand out on a hot summer day!

9. Car Wraps that Mimic Different Metal Finishes

Metallic vehicle wraps have always been very popular, but using them to imitate the look of real metals makes the wrap’s design much more compelling. Go for a metallic bronze, titanium, or brass wrap that will have everyone wondering if your vehicle really is plated in solid metal.

10. Make a Splash with a Gradient Fade Effect

If you really want to draw people’s eyes, opt for a vehicle wrap with a gradient fade. This technique uses carefully layered shades to create a vibrant ombre effect. It’s a truly striking look that will be impossible for your audience to ignore, and with good decal design, they’ll remember your business’ name as well.

Get Beautifully Designed Vehicle Wraps from The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur

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