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Ten Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Ten Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps can be seen throughout the Greater Toronto Area, promoting different stores, brands, and services. By applying a printed sheet of laminate to the outside of a vehicle, you can turn it into a mobile billboard for your company or mark cars, trucks, and vans in your company’s fleet. By making your brand more prominent, you can build consumer trust and brand recognition.

The graphics used in a car wrap are typically designed to cover the whole vehicle, making them visible from multiple angles. To ensure that the wraps look good and last through all weather conditions, it is best to trust the professionals to complete this important job.

Ten Benefits of Advertising with Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are some of the most effective signage that money can buy. If you are wondering what makes vehicle wraps great, here are ten major benefits to consider.

Highly Cost-Effective Advertising

Advertising on the internet can be cheap if you opt to do it yourself, but it is complex, and you cannot rely on it alone. Billboards are expensive to rent, and TV and radio commercials can be costly. Even if you are spending on these other types of advertising, a vehicle wrap can be another great medium to advertise your business.

Vehicle wraps are relatively inexpensive and only require a one-time payment; there are no recurring fees as with other media types. If you are a small business and don’t have a significant budget for advertising, you can promote your business by putting a wrap on your vehicle. If your business involves a fleet of vehicles, you can also use vehicle wraps to promote your business and add a professional, uniform look to your fleet.

Reach Many Potential Customers

Using targeted ads is incredibly important for advertising on most types of media. When you spend significant dollars on a television or radio commercial, you want to ensure you reach your target demographic during the 30 seconds of your commercial. However, with a vehicle wrap, you don’t have to worry about that since your wrap is a constant and everybody will see your ad as long as you drive past them or park near them. You can be assured that you are constantly reaching potential new customers every time you drive your wrapped vehicle.

Best Form of Local Advertising

You have probably heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words,” and this applies to vehicle wrap marketing too. A static sign is good, but a moving, active sign is even better. When people see your wrapped vehicles around town, they will know that your company is a vital part of your community and trusted by local residents.

Turn Down Time into Utilized Time

Driving from one job to the next is necessary but can often feel like wasted time. But, if your vehicle is wrapped, you can make something out of all the time spent on highways, city streets, and traffic lights. You’re not just driving to your jobs; you’re advertising your business while you get around town!

Non-Aggressive Advertising

Advertising that pulls a consumer’s attention away from what they were doing is often perceived as aggressive. For example, some television and radio commercials are run so frequently that people may find them annoying, influencing them not to purchase that product. Similarly, internet pop-ups can also be bothersome for consumers. Vehicle wraps, on the other hand, are a simple and subtle way of advertising. Of course, having a superior vehicle wrap is important to get noticed.

Grabs Attention

Movement is scientifically proven to attract human attention. Advertising that is placed on a vehicle will often be in motion when consumers encounter it. Your vehicles will also usually be part of a larger crowd of plain unbranded vehicles on the road, making them stand out even more.

Provides Continuous Advertising

Vehicle graphics might work best when the car is in motion, but they still have an impact when it is parked. Like any outdoor sign, they work 24/7 to attract more attention to your business.


Unlike a radio or television commercial, vehicle graphics do not interrupt what the viewer is doing. Instead, they integrate the ad into their normal day-to-day experience when they are out doing errands, commuting to work, or enjoying leisure time.

Protects the Car

Similar to how a screen protector keeps your phone safe from minor damage, a vehicle wrap can keep your car safe from many of the nicks and scratches that might otherwise occur during regular use.

Easy to Change

Although it is sturdy and can be expected to last years if the vehicle is well cared for, vehicle wrap advertising is not a permanent commitment. Vehicle graphics can be removed at any time, making it easy to shift to new marketing campaigns and accommodate changes in branding and logos. It also allows you to retain the original resale value of the car while still enjoying its use as a marketing tool.

Common Questions About Vehicle Wraps in Toronto

Are Vehicle Wraps More Durable Than Paint?

In most cases, yes. Vehicle wraps are made of flexible vinyl that’s thicker than your standard coat of paint. Many car wraps can last ten years or more, while most paint jobs start showing wear and tear after just a few years. Vehicle wraps also don’t have pores like paint does, making it easier to keep them clean and intact for longer.

Can a Wrap Look Like Paint?

Yes, if that’s the effect you want. Vehicle wraps in Toronto come in many different finishes, including some that resemble paint. These finishes are great for subtle wrap designs that you want to look as low-key as possible. On the other hand, you can also opt for wraps that offer high gloss, bright colours, and other effects that are not common on painted vehicles. It’s up to you to decide which look you like best. Don’t be afraid to look online for some custom truck wrap ideas to get a better idea of what’s possible in this medium.

Does Wrapping a Car Damage the Paint?

No – in fact, it may help you protect your paint job. The vinyl that makes up the wrap covers the paint completely and will serve as a protective barrier against scratches, spills, and other superficial damage. The only exception is when car wraps are applied over old, peeling paint. In these cases, the adhesive on the vinyl may pull up some of the loose parts of the paint job. This is why vehicle wraps should only be applied to cars, trucks, and vans with well-maintained, intact paint.

Is It Possible to Wrap a Vehicle Yourself?

Technically speaking, yes, you could install a vehicle wrap yourself. However, you probably won’t be happy with the end results! People who are not experienced with car wrap application usually have trouble manipulating the vinyl correctly. You might end up with bubbles, creases, crooked images, awkward seams, and other problems that would destroy the wrap’s visual impact. For this reason, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals.

Do You Have to Replace the Entire Vehicle Wrap If a Section is Damaged?

Not unless you want to! Truck wraps are highly resistant to scratches and damage, but if anything does happen, you can patch it up with a partial wrap that is printed with a small piece of your larger wrap’s design. A professional technician can apply this partial wrap over the original wrap to create a seamless patch that will completely disguise the damage.

Can You Wrap a Leased Vehicle?

While some leases may not allow vehicle wraps, most do. This is because vehicle wraps are easy to remove and don’t leave any permanent marks. If you want to be sure if it’s okay to apply one to your leased vehicle, check the details of your lease agreement.

Who Uses Car Wraps?

Both businesses and private vehicle owners use car wraps to dress up their vehicles. Businesses do this primarily for marketing purposes. A car with a vehicle wrap applied to it can help spread the word about the company’s products or services everywhere it goes. Private vehicle owners are often looking for a way to change the colour or add a fun design to their vehicles. We’re happy to help anyone who’s looking for vehicle wraps, no matter what kind of wrap they’re interested in.

Turn Your Company Vehicles into Powerful Advertising Tools with Vehicle Wraps

The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is the place to get quality custom vehicle wraps in Toronto and the GTA. Our vibrant wraps are the perfect solution to improve the local visibility of your business. Fill out our online contact form or call us at 905-670-0797 for more information on our car wrap services or to request a quote for your project.

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