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Why Your Office Should Have Reception Signs

reception signage

Office signs play a significant role in the success and smooth operation of a business. Of all the sign options, reception signs are one of the most vital as they are the first visual touchpoint with your clients. Determining the appropriate signage for your business requires careful analysis.

You should make sure that you choose an option that works for you and meets your needs, which requires you to take a close look at your business goals. While every business has its own unique needs that require different types of signs, the presence of reception signs or lobby signs presents a unique opportunity to promote your business and brand.

What Are Lobby Signs?

Lobby signs and reception signs provide an excellent way to use the otherwise bare walls in your office. Reception signs invite customers and clients into your space, introduce them to your brand, and create a warm and inviting environment. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, PVC, acrylic, and metal, to meet the aesthetic needs of any location, such as an office, salon, retail store, car dealership, and more.

Types of Lobby Signs

Some of the most popular types of lobby signs include:

Acrylic Letters

Known for being shiny, dressy, and crisp, acrylic letters are available in a wide variety of standard colours and can be customized to match your branding. You also have the option to choose a mounting method that generates the effect you want.

Metal Letters

Typically built with aluminum, which allows the letters to be routed to match the font on your other branding materials. Metal laminate has a similar effect to an all-metal sign but at a lower price point.

Illuminated Lobby Signs

A relatively new offering that is growing in popularity due to its huge impact. These innovative office signs give off a feeling of elegance and modernity.

Lobby Plaques

Although typically acrylic, they can also be frosted to achieve an opaque background, which can cover any blemishes on the wall. Graphics can be dimensional (metal or acrylic), printed vinyl, or a combination. When mounting the plaques, custom screw covers or studs are used, adding to their elegance. In contrast to individual letters, plaques can be easily removed and relocated.

Reasons Why Reception Signage is Essential for Your Office

Office signs and reception signs give you the unique opportunity to make a positive impression before the client interacts with you. It also gives them a way to remember your brand after they leave. Your signage also sets the mood and tone for visitors, clients, and employees. When done right, it can significantly boost your branding strategy and create a sense of competence, professionalism, and creativity among customers.

Below are some additional benefits of reception signs.

Great First Impression

When clients or customers walk into your storefront or office, the reception area is the first thing they notice. Subconsciously, this sets the tone and level of service they expect. A bland and empty wall looks uninspiring and uninviting. In contrast, a beautiful custom-made reception sign on the entrance wall can make your visitors feel welcome.

Distinctive Branding

Having your logo and brand colours in your reception signs reinforces your company’s identity to those who visit your office. Increased brand awareness and brand visibility mean that your company will be top of mind for customers looking for your services in future.

Showcases Your Expertise

Office signs and lobby signs can help you establish your place as an expert in your field. Unlike a bland and empty wall that looks uninspired and lacking conviction, an office space with the right signs shows that you are invested in your industry and are confident in your services and products. Professional signage reassures your clients that you an expert in the field can meet their needs over a long time.

Opportunity to be Creative

Most office signs, including lobby signs, are custom made. This opens an opportunity for you to express your creativity and tell your brand story. With endless choices in design, this is your opportunity to create something that can truly reflect what your company is all about.

How to Use Reception & Lobby Signage

Make Customers Feel Welcome and Comfortable

How customers feel about your store or office can greatly influence their decisions. You can use lobby signs in your reception area to create a warm and welcoming environment that puts your visitors and customers at ease and provides them with important information.

Provide Visual Representation of The Areas You Serve

For a multi-faceted business, use your reception signs to provide a beautiful visual representation of the different areas your business serves and provide education for various aspects of your brand.

Set Your Individual Office or Suite Apart from Other Tenants

If you share office space, lobby signs can help you set your business apart from others in your building or on your floor. This allows customers to identify your office with a quick glance.

Display Your Business Slogans or Mottos

Use your lobby signs to tell your visitors and clients who you are and what you do. You can display business mottos, slogans, logos, and product images. This is both a branding opportunity and a chance to educate customers.

Provide Directional Cues

Lobby signs can provide important directional cues to different areas of your office or store. This will help guide your customers throughout your location instead of leaving them to wander on their own.

Display Accolades

You have worked hard for the accolades you have earned, and your customers should know about them. Lobby signs can help you display these accolades prominently, which will drive up your credibility. It is also a great conversation starter with potential clients.

Get the Best Office Signs Created by Our Experts

Office signs are an excellent investment for any business or company. As one of the best sign providers in Toronto, we have the necessary resources and experience to create the right signage that suits your unique needs and objectives. Once the sign is complete, we will install it at your location to ensure it looks great.

If you are interested in office signs, contact our experts at The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur by calling 905-670-0797. We can help you through the process of designing and creating the perfect reception signs.

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