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What Is the Most Cost-Effective Form of Advertising in Toronto?

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Form of Advertising in Toronto?

Advertising is not cheap, especially in a big market like Toronto. If you run a small business, or even a large business, you need to make every dollar you spend on advertising count. But that can be very difficult to do. Television and radio commercials can be very expensive and you need to do a lot of research to make sure that your ads will reach your target audience. Digital Billboards can reach many customers, but are also costly.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Every business should have a multi-faceted advertising and marketing campaign. However, if you don’t have the budget for a comprehensive campaign, there is one mode of advertisement that can still work for you. Whether you run a business that employees hundreds and has a fleet of vehicles or if your business consists of, well, just you, there is one form of advertising that is incredibly cost-effective: car wraps.

Car Wraps

A car wrap might just be the most cost-effective form of advertising for your Greater Toronto Area business. All other forms of advertising involve recurring costs. You have to pay to rent the billboard; you have to pay more to run more radio and television ads. For a car wrap, you only pay once for creating and installing the wrap and then that’s all you have to pay for as long as the wrap lasts or as long as you have that vehicle.

Toronto Traffic

With a car wrap, you can’t target a specific audience, but everybody will see your car wrap. Whether you commute to Toronto from Mississauga, Ajax, or York Region, or if you’re stuck in downtown traffic, or if you’re zipping along anywhere else in the GTA, everybody you pass by becomes a potential customer for your business. And when you drive from where you live to where you work, most people who see your car wrap will be within your working range.

What is the Cost of a Vehicle Wrap?

Vehicle wraps vary in cost depending on the project. Remember that the total price includes all of the following:

  • Graphic Design Services
  • Printing Services and Materials
  • Professional Installation

Some additional variables also affect the total cost. Larger vehicles cost more to wrap than smaller ones. Vehicles with many curves in their design require more time and skills to wrap, so they also cost more.

Remember that there are several benefits to choosing vehicle wraps over other forms of advertising or business signs that may make the cost a bit easier to justify.

  • Vehicle wraps are not permanent, and you can change or remove them at any time.
  • Vehicle wraps can generate nearly 70,000 impressions per day. This is far more than any other form of advertising.
  • The crisp and professional look of a vehicle wrap graphic cannot be replicated using airbrushes or paint. If you want to use your vehicles as advertisements, a wrap is the best choice.

How Car Wraps Are an Effective Form of Advertising

You Will Reach a Wide Variety of Audiences

Whether they are commuting to work or on a trip to stock up on essentials, many people are out in your city each day. Your vehicle wrap advertising could potentially be seen by any of them, ensuring that your brand reaches many different demographics.

Your Advertising Will Be Mobile

Why advertise in just one place when you can advertise all around town? Vehicle wrap advertising travels with your fleet, spreading the word about your business wherever you go. Your ad will be seen by far more people than it would if it were standing still.

You Will Enjoy Disruption-Free Advertising

People hate advertisements that interrupt their activities by forcing them to pay attention to the ad instead. By advertising with a car wrap in Toronto, you can market to them as they go about their daily activities, leaving them with a much more positive impression of your business.

You Will Protect Your Car

A vehicle wrap is essentially a thin layer of vinyl, so placing one over your vehicle covers the paint and protects it from everyday scratches and damage. This extends the lifespan of your car and keeps it looking fresh for much longer than it would if it were unprotected.

You Will Save Money

Vehicle wraps are an extremely cost-effective form of advertising that includes no add-on charges or hidden fees. You can use the same car wrap in Toronto for many years if you wish, further increasing the value of the initial investment.

Car Wraps For Businesses Big and Small

Car wraps are especially popular for tradespeople. Painters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, carpenters, and anybody else who drives to different homes and work sites for jobs can really benefit from a car wrap. The same is true for home cleaning and maid services, private tutors, dog walkers and pet care providers. If your business consists of only you and your vehicle, you can brand your vehicle and turn all that time that would otherwise be wasted commuting into advertising time.

If your business is big, you can also benefit from a car wrap. If your business involves a fleet of vehicles, then you really should brand them. When branding a fleet of vehicles, remember to brand them uniformly. Not only does that turn all the vehicles in your fleet into mobile billboards, it also makes your business look more professional and gives you credibility.

We Provide High-Quality Car Wraps in Toronto

If you are ready to embrace the most economical form of advertising in Toronto, The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is here for you. We design and produce a wide range of custom signs and designs, including vehicle wraps for businesses in every industry. Contact us today at 905-670-0797 or request a quote to learn more about how we can help you use vehicle wraps to turn your company’s cars into the ultimate advertising tools.

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