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Using Safety Signs in Toronto

Using Safety Signs in Toronto

Safety is important for any business in the Greater Toronto Area. You want to ensure your employees are safe and avoid injury at work and at the job site and you also want to avoid any potential litigation from customers getting injured in your store. Safety signs play a critical role in preventing unfortunate events such as these. But what are the best safety signs to use, where should you use them, and when are safety signs necessary?

Safety signs

Safety signs can keep customers and guests safe from incurring injuries, maintain a safe working environment for employees, and keep business managers and owners safe from legal action. All in all, safety signs are very important for everybody involved. Safety signs are not about advertising. They’re generally not “flashy” the same way signs you use for marketing are. Having said that, safety signs still need to be designed well and they must stand out. Safety signs can’t keep anybody safe if they cannot be seen.

Many safety signs have standard images and colours that convey messages that are easily recognizable. Safety signs often use bright colouring to attract attention. The text on safety signs should be big and bold so the warning or safety message is clear and readable, even at a distance. Safety signs must also be placed very carefully. Consider the spot you intend to use for your safety sign from all possible angles to ensure that it’s easily seen by everybody. Safety signs should always be placed at eye level or above to maximize visibility.

Types of safety signs

But what types of safety messages do safety signs convey? Some examples of common safety signs include:

  • Illuminated exit signs – These are important to in an emergency situation such as a fire so everyone can easily see the nearest exit.
  • “Floor Slippery When Wet” signboards – Slip and fall accidents are common in workplaces and a sign that brings attention to a wet floor helps safeguard everyone from falls.
  • “Employees Must Wash Hands” signs – This type of sign is important for hygiene reasons. Think about employees working in restaurants, having clear instructions for handwashing reminds staff of the proper procedure and can avoid spread of germs and illness.
  • “No Unauthorized Personnel” signs – Ensures that only people with the proper authority enter certain spaces.
  • “Danger Keep Out” signs – Reminds people of danger
  • “Danger High Voltage” signs – Reminds people to be cautious
  • As well as various safety signs for parking lots, such as speed limit signs, speed bump signs, stop signs and “look both ways” signs

Construction site safety signs

The above are all common safety signs that can be found in businesses and establishments across the Greater Toronto Area. But sometimes you need safety signs for temporary purposes. This is often in response to construction. If your business is being renovated or there is nearby construction, you need to keep your employees’ and guests safe. And of course, if you run a construction company in the GTA, you will need these signs, too. These safety signs convey messages such as:

  • Warning: construction site
  • Hardhats must be worn on site
  • Proper footwear must always be worn
  • High visibility jackets must be worn
  • Ear protectors required on site
  • Work being done overhead
  • Watch your step

Safety sign design

As mentioned above, all safety signs must be designed with visibility and legibility as the foremost concerns. But legibility isn’t just about big text. It’s also about graphics. Even if the text is not very big, most people will recognize the universal signs that warn them of a safety concern.  For example, you would know a safety sign with lightning bolts indicates high voltage and skull and crossbones indicates poison, and you know you have to be careful.

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