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Things to Know About Canvas Prints

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Nobody likes looking at bare walls, so why not brighten yours up? Whether you have wall space to fill in your home, office, business, or shop, filling it up with canvas prints can completely change the atmosphere of a space. Today, we’ll talk about what makes canvas prints special, how to care for them, and which different types are available.

What is a Canvas Print?

Canvas prints are pieces of photography or artwork that are printed on a piece of canvas fabric. This canvas is then stretched across a wooden frame to create a high-quality three-dimensional art print that you can display on the wall.

Many homeowners and hobbyists use canvas prints to decorate their space, but these prints can also be used for commercial purposes. Businesses can display their logo, product images, advertisements, and other promotional images on canvas prints to generate interest in their products. These prints aren’t durable enough to be displayed outside, but they’ll last a long time indoors.

Types of Canvas Prints

There are three main types of canvas prints: custom canvas prints, stock canvas prints, and limited-edition prints.

  • Custom Canvas Prints. These prints are created on-demand using any photo, artwork, or other image that the customer requests. They’re the most common type of canvas print and easily the best option in most circumstances.
  • Stock Canvas Prints. These prints are pre-printed using generic images and sold as-is in mass quantities. While these prints can still be beautiful, they lack the distinctiveness and charm of custom prints. While they may be a little bit cheaper than custom prints, the difference is minimal.
  • Limited-Edition Prints. Unlike the other two types, these prints are not printed using technology. They are original pieces of art made by hand by an artist. These prints are rare and usually come with some sort of certificate of authenticity to prove they are genuine. They’re also much more expensive than computer-generated prints.

How to Maintain Your Canvas Prints

Canvas prints don’t need much special care, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to make yours last as long as possible.

  • Keep your canvas print out of direct sunlight. Too much sun will damage the canvas and ink and cause the print to fade.
  • Avoid getting the canvas wet. Do not hang your canvas print in moist areas like your bathroom. When you clean it, dust it lightly using a feather duster or clean, dry cloth.
  • Clean and handle your canvas print carefully. If you’re too rough with it, you may accidentally dent it.

Benefits of Canvas Prints for Your Home and Office

They’re Versatile and Consistent

Canvas prints can be used to recreate any piece of art, photo, or image. They can also recreate this image exactly the same way every time, making makes them extremely useful for companies with multiple branch locations who are interested in maintaining a consistent brand image.

They Can Be Hung Anywhere

Canvas prints are easy to hang up and can be installed anywhere, even in tight spaces, on slanted walls, or in places with high or low light. You can use one to accentuate your interior design, no matter what environment you are decorating.

They’re Affordable

Compared to the cost of traditional mounted paper prints, canvas prints are relatively inexpensive. This makes them excellent options for businesses trying to make the most of their interior design budget. You can get multiple canvas prints made for a sum that might only pay for one mounted print.

They Boost Your Mood

Placing beautiful, eye-catching canvas prints in your home or workspace can foster inspiration and lift your mood. This effect is even more pronounced when colour theory is taken into account. A splash of red on a canvas print can instantly make the room feel energized, while some soothing shades of blue or purple will make the space feel more relaxed.

They Build Your Brand Value

Like any art, canvas prints deliver a message in a bold, engaging way. Offices, shops, and other businesses can use them to demonstrate their organization’s values and goals. Communicating your brand’s focus in this way builds your company’s value proposition, feeds into your other marketing campaigns, and may even increase your team’s motivation.

They’re Durable

As long as you keep them away from sun and moisture, your canvas prints will last you many years. They are also easy to move and store without damaging them. No worries about breaking glass or scratching the canvas frame!

They Have No Glare

Unlike framed prints that are covered with glass, canvas prints are never obscured by glare. This means that they can be placed in brightly lit areas without becoming too difficult to see. Remember, though – sun is still not good for them.

They Offer a 3D Effect

Canvas prints are stretched across wooden frames, so they always protrude slightly from the wall they are hung on. This gives the prints an eye-catching 3D look that no other hanging prints can match. Pair them with a 3D lettering sign for a display that will really make an impact!

They Come in Many Different Sizes

Canvas prints come in an incredible variety of size options. From tiny prints smaller than a standard piece of paper to massive pieces that cover most of a wall, canvas prints are sure to be available in the size you need. You can also break an image up across multiple prints and display them together for a unique display that emulates the classic diptych and triptych look.

Choose The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur for Stunning Custom Canvas Prints

If you’re interested in getting a few canvas prints to decorate your walls, trust Sign & Graphics Manufaktur to do the job right. We produce high-quality framed canvas prints for personal and professional use, including picture-perfect photo and art recreations. Contact us today at 905-670-0797 to discuss pricing or request a quote for your canvas printing project using our online form. You’re sure to love the final product.


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