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How to Boost Your Business Using Window Signs

How to Boost Your Business Using Window Signs

Interested in winning more foot traffic for your small business? A good window sign can make all the difference. These vinyl decals cling to your windows, displaying sharp and colourful graphics that are sure to get the public’s attention. Let’s talk about how these signs work, why they’re effective, and how to design one that will produce the results you’re looking for.

Catch Customers’ Eyes: Create an Inviting Storefront with Window Signs

Window signage offers several advantages that make it particularly attractive for small businesses.

The first is that it makes use of space that would otherwise go unused. Your store’s front window will be there whether you display signs in it or not, so why not take advantage of that real estate to promote your business?

The second is that window signs can be used to entice customers inside by showing them what your brand is all about. Using bold text and eye-catching contrasting colours will attract attention from people passing by and may make them curious enough to pay you a visit.

Finally, window signage is exempt from many of the laws governing how outdoor business signs can be displayed in city spaces. This means you don’t have to worry about securing or renewing any permits.

Innovative Window Signage Tips and Tricks to Skyrocket Your Business

1. Keep It Simple

Window signage will usually be read in a hurry by people passing your storefront, so it’s best to keep things brief. Choose a single message and create a simple design that conveys that message at a glance. If you can’t get the gist of the sign in the time it takes to walk past your store, simplify it even further. You can always build on your window signs with interior signage for specific items and promotions.

2. Use Eye-Catching Colours

Choosing bold colours will naturally draw onlookers’ eyes and inspire curiosity about your brand. Create a bright, visually interesting colour palette for your window sign that harmonizes with your brand identity. Be sure not to go overboard with too many colours, though – mixing too many hues together or juxtaposing colours that clash with each other will make your sign look garish, potentially damaging your brand.

3. Highlight Your USP

Every business has a unique selling point (or USP for short), and your window signage is the perfect place to call attention to it. Show off what your business does best with a slogan or tagline that lets prospective customers know exactly why they should consider shopping at your business. If someone passing by is looking for the type of products or services you offer, they’re very likely to pop in and check things out.

4. Be Bold and Creative

Daring window sign designs leave a much stronger impression than signs that play it safe. Window business signs are affordable and easy to take down, so there’s little to lose if you decide you don’t like a particular design. Try experimenting with interesting fonts, playful graphics, and other distinct visual touches that will help people remember your brand.

5. Keep It Fresh

Window signs make great showcases for seasonal promotions and other limited-time events. Putting up a new window sign for big holidays shows that your brand is engaged and evolving, two key qualities for widespread popularity.

6. Keep It Legal

While many signage laws do not apply to window signs, some cities do restrict where window signs can be placed and what can be displayed on them. Check with your local government before ordering your window signs to ensure that you aren’t wasting your investment.

7. Consider the Types

There’s more than one type of window sign out there! Standard matte vinyl is the most popular option, but frosted vinyl can give your window a unique and interesting look while adding privacy. You can also use one-way vinyl signs that can only be seen from the outside to preserve the view from your windows.

8. Height and Location Matter

Window graphics can also be placed in many different locations. Signs with your hours of operation on them belong on or near the door at eye level. Your brand name should also be at eye level so it is easy to see from the street. Beyond that, you can experiment with different placements for your sign elements. Putting a sign in an unexpected spot can do a lot to help it stand out!

Window Signs – The Affordable Advertising Alternative

Why invest in window signs? They offer:

  • Cost Savings. Window graphics are more affordable than traditional advertising, like radio and TV spots. They also work more quickly than other lower-cost advertising tactics like digital marketing.
  • Functionality. Window graphics can double as directional signs by pointing out key features of your business, like your front door and parking lot. They can also direct customers to your website.
  • Versatility. It’s easy to change window graphics whenever you need to, making them ideal for promoting sales, seasonal events, and other limited-time promotions.
  • Shade and Security. Window graphics create shade and security inside your business, both of which your customers are sure to appreciate.

How to Apply Window Signs

Applying a window sign is an easy 3-step process.

  • Start off by cleaning your window of all dirt, dust, and other debris. You’ll need it to be squeaky clean to keep the adhesive from loosening.
  • Next, measure the space you want your sign to occupy and trim it down as needed. Leave some space around the edges for further trimming once the sign is stuck to your window.
  • After this, peel the backing paper off the back of your vinyl sign and stick it to your window. Start from the top and smooth the vinyl down as you go to release any trapped air bubbles.

How Much Do Commercial Window Signs Cost?

The cost of window decal signs varies depending on three main factors:

  • Materials. There are many different materials that your sign company might use to create your window sign. Higher-quality vinyl, perforated vinyl, frosted vinyl, and other non-standard materials cost more than plain vinyl.
  • Application. Window signs that will be installed outdoors must be made from stronger material than those that will only be displayed indoors. This makes them the more expensive of the two.
  • Design. Simple window sign designs cost less than complex ones. Signs with just one colour also cost less than multi-coloured ones.

Ask your sign company for an estimate once you’ve hammered out the details of your sign project.

Make a Big First Impression with Expertly Designed Custom Signs for Business

If you’re interested in putting window signs to work for your business, you’ll need a great design and an even better sign company to partner with. The Sign & Graphics Manufaktur is one of the top companies for outdoor signs in Toronto, including window signs. Contact us today, and let us help you turn your store window into an unbeatable advertising channel.


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